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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 Things to do before I die !!

Life is all about bigger goals interspersed with smaller moments of joy that add spice to an otherwise mundane existence. Everyone dreams of things like owning a house, buying that swanky car, sending the kids to a big school/university, taking a world tour and yet having a large enough corpus for retirement. Yes, I am no different from such folks and there are the things in my Bucket List (in no particular order though) -

1. Owning an independent house /villa with a small patch of garden. With most apartments offering tightly crunched flats with hardly any sunlight or ventilation, some good old fresh air is what I always crave for. And a nice little patch of soil to plant those fresh herbs and vegetable plants. Imagine the joy of plucking the fresh produce and heading straight to the kitchen to rustle up a colorful and healthy meal. Also, it should be located near to our respective offices so that we have ample time to appreciate and enjoy our home instead of wasting it in commuting

2. A date with those adorable kangaroos and penguins comes next on my list. With Australia offering so much, I want to take a really long vacation and savor every bit of it. The awesome food, the beaches and the vast oceans, the lovely streets to be explored and of course a lot of shopping that goes with it .

3. Like every parent, I too have big dreams for my kid. While I would love to see him playing tennis at the international level, I would do every bit to allow him to make his own career choices. And choosing the right school is the first step. An international school with a curriculum that excels in introducing children to activities and interests beyond studies is what I have in mind. Such schools offer the flexibility for a child to nurture various talents instead of simply cramming up on the written word. Plus I would love to take him on a vacation to Disneyland while he is still young so that he can enjoy the pure fantasy of it.

4. Buying a set of wheels that would make all my friends and relatives go green with envy. Whenever I looked at names like BMW, Audi and Mercedes, I always associated them with success. Whether it is the success factor that gives it that exclusive feel or the other way around with people using the exclusivity card to make themselves seem more successful has always been debatable in my opinion. But this argument notwithstanding, I would still like to own one of these names.

5. Writing my book and having enough funds to publish and promote it. Yes, finding that first break as a writer is tough and one needs to put in the right amount of investment to ensure that it reaches the targeted audience. Of course quality matters most but in this age of self promotion, one needs sufficient funds to open the right channels.

All this is possible with correct financial planning and the right amount of investment. And IDBI Federal provides just the right plans for me to live life to the fullest while staying secure.

This post is written for IDBI Federal Life Insurance.

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  1. Such a lovely post with all your heartfelt desires.... Am sure most of them are true for many of us! I would like nothing better than an independent villa myself... lets hope both your and my wishes come true :)
    Am back after a looong hiatus from blogging. But so good to see your posts and catch up on all the lovely food you have been cooking up!


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