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Sunday, February 15, 2015

An Incredible Valentine !!

A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others. -           Frank Morgan 

And unconditional love is the best thing (though not the only thing) that I would want from my Valentine. Yes, that is what the ASUS Zenfone gives me. Many would find it incredible that a phone can actually display what has traditionally been considered as a human quality. But isn't love all about feeling great or even awesome about oneself ?? And more importantly, it lets one be oneself without making one take a guilt trip. Read on to find the reasons why this phone is the perfect Valentine -

1. It makes me feel beautiful. Thanks to the 5 MP camera ( with comes with brightness enhancing lenses which is a first at this price ) that captures me in all my moods on any given occasion, I have all the arsenal required for a little self gratification. No wonder all my girlfriends keep wondering why my pictures turn out better than theirs'. 

2. It keeps me entertained all the time. It answers all my queries, keeps me updated on the latest happenings, plays out my favorite songs and even my favorite videos. The 64 GB (expandable) memory takes care that I do not run out of memory as I carry my personal entertainment channel with me wherever I go. 

3. It is dependable. Unlike boyfriends who have cricket matches / football matches, booze buddies and what not buddies, it provides me unconditional company. All the care that it has ever asked for is a little bit of charging and it is good to go for hours and hours. Also, it does not come with a disapproving mother who is always on the lookout for opportunities to tick me off for getting close to her son.

4. It has that 'flaunt' factor with looks to die for. Don't we all wish for that dishy hunk/gorgeous chick as a trophy boyfriend/girlfriend to make others turn green with envy ?? Well, this phone scores a perfect ten on that criteria. Especially for girls, do check out the lovely red one !!

5. It knows when to shut up without any protests. Yes, we girls have our moods and we just want to play reclusive for sometime. It could be a tiff with someone close or maybe those exam scores that are nothing to write home about or even without any tangible reason. It happens to all of us and we are entitled to those quite moments. Unlike a person, a phone can be set on a silent mode anytime and for as long as one wishes. 

Still looking for more reasons ??

6. It ensures that I get to catch my favorite flicks at my favorite multiplex. That too first day first show. And makes sure that my travel plans are right on schedule with a reserved train/bus/flight ticket booked from the comfort of my sofa.

7. It is cheaper than the combined cost of a Valentine's day dinner, gifts, roses and a card. Yes...that one's a clincher.

This post is written for ASUS Zenfone. To buy it, click here . Meanwhile check out the lovely video !!

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