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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sabitri Osa ( Brata )

Sabitri Osa is celebrated in Orissa by married women on the Sabitri Amavasya day ( no-moon day of the lunar calendar). It marks the occasion when Sabitri brought back her husband from the dead by pleading with and out-witting Lord Yama.

The day starts with the worship of Gods Lakshmi-Narayan. Prayers are offered for the
husband's long life. A new saree, sindoor, sankha-chudi, brata (sacred thread),aina(mirror), kajala (kajal) and alta are first worshipped and then worn by the women.

Women then touch their husband's feet as a mark of respect and devotion. The katha (story) of Sabitri Satyawan ( has its roots in the Mahabharat ) is then read by one of the married ladies of the house.

Women keep a fast and eat only fruits, curd or sagu (subudana) twice during the day.

As eating cooked food items are not permitted, the sagu( which is more filling as compared to fruits ) is soaked for 2-3 hours. Cut fruits, curd, coconut and sugar are added to it and mixed. This is not offered as prasad to the Gods. Rather it is eaten in addition to the fruits which were worshipped.


  1. This brata is just like a Nil Shasti in bengali culture...

  2. May God always bless you and your beloved!

  3. very much similar to one of our ritual in bengalis.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Dear AOF
    Thanks for the reminder of the great Osha. I remember my childhood days really.
    have a nice day

  5. We also have similar tradition like this dear..Divine prasad..Lovely !!!

  6. Prasad looks divine,we have something similar too..

  7. Sagoo mix looks soo lovely...May God bless u and ur family..:)

  8. Prasad looks divine,we have something similar too..

  9. God bless u with a happy married life for many more years to come!!Good health,prosperity success be with u all along!
    Interesting vrath, thanks for sharing the tradition...nice clicks


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