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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bedtime is Bonding time with my Baby !!

Babies are cute. At least for folks who have encountered them only in telly advertisements and maybe sometimes in the parks/malls. But for those who have had a chance to see them up, close and personal, it takes almost a miracle (or sometimes a miraculous product) to keep them at their happiest best. And being a mom to a hyperactive three year old, I can vouch for such a product that I have used ever since he was a week old. And I still use it when we are travelling long distance or going over to a friend's place as I am a bit skeptical about my young one using a toilet outside our home.

My baby did not sleep for the first few nights after he was born. He would fall into a fitful sleep only to be awakened by the wetness of the cloth nappy. After 2-3 hours of howling and a few dozen lullabies, he would doze again for roughly the same time before waking up yet again. And then I discovered Pampers and its miraculous effects on my baby thanks to a dear friend. I can never thank her enough as it helpful put some kind of order into the madness that had suddenly gripped our world. With all babies being different, some may argue that diapers may irritate a baby's tender skin or that a little bit of wetness would not hurt a baby. But with Pampers, I have never faced any such problems. The cloth like breathable diapers are infused with Aloe vera and have very soft adjustable waist bands. And I would never take a chance with wetness especially in a place like Bangalore which has a cool climate almost around the year.

Once I started putting my baby in diapers, it was easy to embark on a night time routine to get him to sleep peacefully. Till he turned one year old, I would start this ritual by giving him an oil massage for 20-30 minutes. With his tiny muscles all relaxed, I would give him a quick bath. After drying his skin and hair, I used to rub a gentle baby lotion all over. This would be followed by sprinkling baby powder especially on his bottom and skin folds. Finally I would put on his diaper and a set of loose cotton clothing. By this time, he usually started to yawn and nod/rub his head ( a signal that he is sleepy ). Once he was settled in the bed, he would fall asleep even before I completed the third lullaby. And he would wake up all refreshed and smiling after a good 9-10 hours sleep.

When he entered the second year, I substituted rhymes for the lullabies during his bedtime. And after another six months, the lullabies got replaced by stories which had animals, birds and even people in them. As he completed two years, I introduced him to picture books which had him hooked. With kids having too much energy, it is difficult to get them to concentrate when they are fully active. Hence, with this ritual I get him to relax and learn something new at the same time. No wonder he sleeps blissfully and dreams of the objects that he had come in the stories or books that I told or read to him.

This post is written for Pampers.

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