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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Patanjali Moisturizing Cream Review

Yet another Patanjali product that I have been using (or rather have used) recently !! This one makes quite a tall claim of preventing ageing and removing dehydration of skin. However I could hardly notice any benefit after one week of application. On the other hand it made my skin itchy (I think my skin is sensitive to some ingredient that it contains. Sadly it is only product amongst my recent Patanjali Haul that did not work for me.

Read on for the reviews -

The Patanjali Moisturizer cream is enriched with Shea butter, Chamomile and Olive oil. Baby pink in color and with a sweet smell, it is quite a girly product. Though it seems heavy and lingers on the skin for few minutes after application, it seemed quite moisturizing on my hands (which are somehow less dry as compared to my facial skin) It is priced at Rupees 75 for 50 gms.

Since it is free from Silicones and other chemicals, one can use it as a regular moisturizer on normal to dry skin. It might be a tad bit heavy for oily skin. My mom has used it and she quite likes it.

Summing it up -

Pros -

1. Economically priced at 75 rupees for 50 gms
2. Nice color and smell
3. Quite moisturizing
4. Makes skin soft with regular use (my Mom's experience)
5. A small quantity goes a long way
6. Contains Shea butter and Olive oil which are excellent moisturizers

Cons -

1. Some might find the smell too sweet.
2. Not meant for oily skin
3. Irritated my skin so I had to discontinue using it.

Verdict - Overall a good product though it might irritate very sensitive skin. But given the price, one can afford to give it a try .

Rating - 3.5/5.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Patanjali Herbal Kajal Review

Another great product from Patanjali. Bought this around 2 weeks back along with some other products from the brand. Since they are quite economical, I thought of trying out a few of them. This happens to be one of my favorites. Being a Kajal person, I have tried out quite a few brands and the 'Faces' one was my favorite till I experienced some irritation when I applied it on my waterline. Had discontinued applying kajal for a couple of months and was thinking of trying a good brand. And I chanced upon this product which is priced at just Rupees 90/- . Bought it without any second thoughts.

Though not the deepest black, it offers decent color. One stroke may apply quite light but with 3-4 strokes, the colors deepens noticeably. It does not sting my eyes even though I wear contact lenses throughout the day. On the other hand, it soothes the eyes and they feel quite fresh/cool. The kajal does not smudge much and lasts for 3-4 hours on my waterline/lower lash line. It is a bit difficult to apply on the upper lash and I could not get a decent enough line/color even with multiple attempts. That is ok with me as I like applying it mainly on my waterline.

The packaging is good and it does not open if you carry it around in the handbag.

In short, these are the pros and cons of the product -

Pros -

1. Herbal product with impressive list of ingredients.
2. Priced reasonably.
3. Does not smudge much.
4. Does not irritate sensitive eyes
5. Packaging is sturdy.
6. Pigmentation and texture are good though it does not work too well on upper lids.
7. It soothes the eyes. (I find it to be the best part about it)

Cons -

1. Availability could be an issue as it is sold only at the Patanjali counters.
2. Does not apply well on the upper lid.
3. Could smudge if one has oily skin.
4. Wear line is somewhat less as compared to other brands I have used.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Patanjali Cow's Ghee Review

I am getting quite addicted to Patanjali products these days and one peek into my cupboard is enough to reveal my fascination with the brand. Their Cow's ghee is the latest one that I tried out and quite liked it. Compared to quite a few other brands which do not mention if the ghee has originated from a cow or buffalo or is of mixed origin, Patanjali clearly label's it is as 100 percent Cow' ghee.

I have been using it for a week now for tempering dals, making halwa, greasing my rotis and also on my chapped heels/lips. But i have not used it for deep frying yet.

While it is available in their outlets, one can also buy it online on Bigbasket.com or Zopnow.com.

Read on for the reviews -

Advantages -

1. Nice smell/flavor and grainy consistency.
2. Lovely yellow color that reminds one of home made cow's ghee.

3. Higher smoking point as compared to other vegetable oils hence better suited for deep frying.
4. Soothes my chapped lips and heels.
5. Cow's ghee is quite beneficial for controlling vata dosa as per ayurvedic texts. With the origin being clearly mentioned on the label, people suffering from vata dosa can benefit from its consumption.
6. Untouched by hand hence no chances of contamination.

Disadvantages -

1. It is slightly pricier as compared to other brands.
2. Contains trans-fats and cholesterol hence one has to regulate the amount being consumed. (Check nutritional info provided in below pic )

Overall, I would rate it at a 4.75 out of 5.( -0.25 for the price factor). No minus points for the trans-fat and cholesterol though as it is an integral part of any ghee.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Patanjali Madhuram Natural Sugar Review

I will be very honest about why I got this one. My regular readers must be well aware of my family's fondness for cakes and muffins. And this one works out to be both healthier than white sugar and cheaper than brown sugar and Demerara sugar.

Made from pure sugarcane juice without any added sulphur, it retains all the benefits that sugarcane juice can boast of. Rich in calcium and magnesium, it is also touted to be helpful in health conditions like dry cough, cough with sputum, indigestion and constipation (as mentioned on the packet/Patanjali website).

It can be used as a substitute for white sugar in milk, lassi, kheer, sherbats, mithai and any other recipe which uses the former.

Read on how it measures up -

Advantages -

1. Free from sulphur and other chemicals.
2. Loaded with calcium, iron and magnesium.
3. Tastes good when used. in Tea (which is big plus for me), aam panna, sweet chutneys, kheer and ragi sherbat.
4. Cheaper than brown sugar or Demerara sugar. Costs Rs 60/- per Kg.
5. Available online.
6. Boasts of medicinal benefits (not verified).

Disadvantages -

1. Since it has a deep brown color, it affects the usual appearance of the dishes (especially light colored ones).
2. Still contains too many calories, so weight watchers have to be careful.
3. Not suitable for diabetics.
4. Costly when compared to white sugar ( retails approx in the range of 40-50 rupees )

Keeping the above points in mind, I would rate it a 4.25/5.
And would I repurchase it ?? Yes. Yes.Yes. I got 2 1-Kg packets and have almost used up the first one. Will definitely buy more once I have worked my way through the remaining one.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My First Experience With ZopNow ( A Review )

The numbers of e-tailers in India are multiplying faster than rabbits. I am coming across a new one almost everyday. Even the regular brick & mortar stores have joined the bandwagon. Most have stated their own websites or are fast tying up with the existing ones.

With the traffic situation in Bangalore making Grocery shopping such a pain, these e-grocery sites are the ones that I am really looking forward to. Sometimes I catch up a recipe midweek and it is something that I need to make the next day. Such sites are a boon for food bloggers like me. After shopping numerous times with BigBasket, I decided to checkout another one. Actually it was quite by chance that I landed up on the ZopNow webpage. I had been looking for Patanjali products in Marathahalli without any success and decided to check if they are available online. To my surprise, ZopNow stocks quite a decent range of these products.

My first experience with ZopNow was really good. I had placed the order on Monday night and it was delivered by Tuesday afternoon ( actually theNewsy have 5 slots each day and I chose the second one ). And that too with a freebie.

Unlike BigBasket, they have free home delivery for orders above Rupees 500 (restricted to South & East Banglore). So, it is quite convenient even if you order for a few items.

To sum up my experience -

What I like about ZopNow -

1. Free home delivery for orders above rupees 500
2. Stocks Patanjali products
3. Wide range of grocery items
4. Wide range of frozen items (both veg and non-veg)
5. Stocks economically priced spices along with their organic variants.

What I do not like about ZopNow -

1. Does not stock fresh vegetables & meat (eggs are available though).
2. Does not stock gifts (BigBasket has started stocking those lately but the range is limited).

Overall I would rate it a 4.0/5 (Sorry about it but I still need to go to the nearest vegetable vendor to pick something midweek.  But if it starts stocking some fresh veggie and meat, I would prefer it over BigBasket anyday).

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