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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Big Basket: A whole new concept renouncing the offline market (Guest Post)

An online grocery store is a savior for all those people who hate shopping for groceries. A lot of
people hate going traveling to the supermarket or the local market just to get fresh vegetables and fruits or buy some kitchen essentials. Most people dislike the stinking smell of the poultry and fish market and dread shopping at such places. BigBasket.com is the largest online grocery store in India, which has come to the rescue of those people, who dislike grocery shopping offline. Online shopping for clothes, accessories, medicines, jewelry are all very popular as more and more people buy these stuffs online. However, grocery shopping of fresh fruits and vegetables online is an innovation, in the field of online shopping.

Image source - snowhq.co.uk

People residing in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore can shop for their groceries online on BigBasket.com. It is an online forum which has more than 10000 products with a variety of brands. Big brands like Amul, Kelloggs, Britannia, Colgate, Horlicks, Haldirams and other popular brands are all available here. One can shop from the popular categories like Fruits and Vegetables, Basmati Rice, Dry Fruits, Bread, Diary and Eggs and so on. Shopping for groceries is not just easy but convenient as all the brands and products are available in one place and you do not need to go from shop to shop looking for the items in your grocery item list.

Shopping from an Online grocery Mysore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Pune store is far more convenient than hopping to the multiple offline shops and store. Online shopping will save your time and energy and your traveling expenses. The traveling expenses can also be utilized in shopping for your essentials and necessary grocery items. You can definitely save at least one or two items worth money otherwise spent on traveling to supermarkets and local grocery stores. The most favorable advantage of online shopping is that you can order the products right from the comfort of your house or office without forgetting any item on your list. Another advantage is that these products are priced reasonable and some are even sold at discounted rates which helps you acquire them at cheaper rates and save money.

Image source - deliciousfood4u.com

Online grocery shopping is very easy and convenient and can easily save your time and money, which is the most sought after things, in contemporary times. People, today, are extremely busy with the work and do not even have time for themselves at times. Online shopping makes life easier for such people. A busy housewife who is extremely busy with kids and household chores can save a lot of time and energy, by ordering groceries online and getting it delivered right at the doorstep. Therefore, it not just saves time but also the hassles related to grocery shopping.

Time slot options for delivery timings, nominal charge for delivery of cart value below thousand
rupees and free for above thousand rupees, prompt and quick delivery and easy cash on delivery and credit or debit card option for payment makes it all the more convenient for shoppers online to shop. To top it all, all the products are easily available and are of the best quality. The fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and other raw items have all their freshness intact and are well packed. The flexibility of returning the products and getting the credit value in your account is a life saver. Environment lovers would love to shop online as online supermarket in Mysore, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune or any other city do not consume a lot of energy in the form of lights, refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers like offline markets and also cuts down on carbon emissions, by getting it directly from wholesalers and bringing it to your doorstep.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My First Experience With ZopNow ( A Review )

The numbers of e-tailers in India are multiplying faster than rabbits. I am coming across a new one almost everyday. Even the regular brick & mortar stores have joined the bandwagon. Most have stated their own websites or are fast tying up with the existing ones.

With the traffic situation in Bangalore making Grocery shopping such a pain, these e-grocery sites are the ones that I am really looking forward to. Sometimes I catch up a recipe midweek and it is something that I need to make the next day. Such sites are a boon for food bloggers like me. After shopping numerous times with BigBasket, I decided to checkout another one. Actually it was quite by chance that I landed up on the ZopNow webpage. I had been looking for Patanjali products in Marathahalli without any success and decided to check if they are available online. To my surprise, ZopNow stocks quite a decent range of these products.

My first experience with ZopNow was really good. I had placed the order on Monday night and it was delivered by Tuesday afternoon ( actually theNewsy have 5 slots each day and I chose the second one ). And that too with a freebie.

Unlike BigBasket, they have free home delivery for orders above Rupees 500 (restricted to South & East Banglore). So, it is quite convenient even if you order for a few items.

To sum up my experience -

What I like about ZopNow -

1. Free home delivery for orders above rupees 500
2. Stocks Patanjali products
3. Wide range of grocery items
4. Wide range of frozen items (both veg and non-veg)
5. Stocks economically priced spices along with their organic variants.

What I do not like about ZopNow -

1. Does not stock fresh vegetables & meat (eggs are available though).
2. Does not stock gifts (BigBasket has started stocking those lately but the range is limited).

Overall I would rate it a 4.0/5 (Sorry about it but I still need to go to the nearest vegetable vendor to pick something midweek.  But if it starts stocking some fresh veggie and meat, I would prefer it over BigBasket anyday).

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