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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Patanjali Cow's Ghee Review

I am getting quite addicted to Patanjali products these days and one peek into my cupboard is enough to reveal my fascination with the brand. Their Cow's ghee is the latest one that I tried out and quite liked it. Compared to quite a few other brands which do not mention if the ghee has originated from a cow or buffalo or is of mixed origin, Patanjali clearly label's it is as 100 percent Cow' ghee.

I have been using it for a week now for tempering dals, making halwa, greasing my rotis and also on my chapped heels/lips. But i have not used it for deep frying yet.

While it is available in their outlets, one can also buy it online on Bigbasket.com or Zopnow.com.

Read on for the reviews -

Advantages -

1. Nice smell/flavor and grainy consistency.
2. Lovely yellow color that reminds one of home made cow's ghee.

3. Higher smoking point as compared to other vegetable oils hence better suited for deep frying.
4. Soothes my chapped lips and heels.
5. Cow's ghee is quite beneficial for controlling vata dosa as per ayurvedic texts. With the origin being clearly mentioned on the label, people suffering from vata dosa can benefit from its consumption.
6. Untouched by hand hence no chances of contamination.

Disadvantages -

1. It is slightly pricier as compared to other brands.
2. Contains trans-fats and cholesterol hence one has to regulate the amount being consumed. (Check nutritional info provided in below pic )

Overall, I would rate it at a 4.75 out of 5.( -0.25 for the price factor). No minus points for the trans-fat and cholesterol though as it is an integral part of any ghee.


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