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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Re-posting : A few random clicks from BBSR and around!!!

Tangi - A nondescript village situated approximately 10 kms from Cuttak, is famous for its 'Karaka' pitha . A delicious sweet prepared from maida cooked in milk, with a rich stuffing of chenna ( cottage cheese ), nadia ( coconut), guda ( jaggery ) and a flavouring agent like karpura/gujrati ( edible camphor / cardamon ).

Kakharu Badi ( the large white ones)/ Khaee Badi - Dried dumplings of ( beeri )urad bal with green pumpkin / puffed rice & sesame seeds.

While the former is usually added to curries and used in badi chura, the latter is fried and consumed a snack or used in place of papad.

Rasagullas being sold at a shop in Pahala. If one is fortunate/patient enough, one can get a glimpse of the entire process and a chance to sample some of the yummy chenna. Another speciality of Pahala is the 'Mati Handi Mansa' or mutton cooked in earthen pots.

The awesome streets of BBSR......love the grafitti/paintings ( inspired by the Patta chitras ) which line the walls!!!

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