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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Re-posting : A few random clicks from BBSR and around!!!

Tangi - A nondescript village situated approximately 10 kms from Cuttak, is famous for its 'Karaka' pitha . A delicious sweet prepared from maida cooked in milk, with a rich stuffing of chenna ( cottage cheese ), nadia ( coconut), guda ( jaggery ) and a flavouring agent like karpura/gujrati ( edible camphor / cardamon ).

Kakharu Badi ( the large white ones)/ Khaee Badi - Dried dumplings of ( beeri )urad bal with green pumpkin / puffed rice & sesame seeds.

While the former is usually added to curries and used in badi chura, the latter is fried and consumed a snack or used in place of papad.

Rasagullas being sold at a shop in Pahala. If one is fortunate/patient enough, one can get a glimpse of the entire process and a chance to sample some of the yummy chenna. Another speciality of Pahala is the 'Mati Handi Mansa' or mutton cooked in earthen pots.

The awesome streets of BBSR......love the grafitti/paintings ( inspired by the Patta chitras ) which line the walls!!!


  1. Dear AOF
    Very good post and a great reminder! I brought lot of Baris during my last visit to BBSR.
    To be very frank, I was totally disappointed with Pahala rasagullas...A good dose of Suji and Maida was perceivable. The taste is no where near Salepur or Athgarh Rasagullas... Anyway...The commercial importance is the main thing these days. During my time in Odisa, I never heard of Pahala Rasagullas.
    But I miss Kakera ..will try the Tangi one next time I am in Odisa.
    Have a nice week

  2. Hi,
    Interesting post, got to know about a place which sometime in future I would like to travel to :P


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