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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mutton Biryani

Cooking Time Required: 1 hour
Cost of Preparation: 250-300 rupees
Serves: 4-5 nos.

For the marinade: Mutton (1/2 kg), ginger garlic paste ( 1 tbs ), mustard oil ( 1 tsp), sour yogurt ( 1 tbs ), dry red chillis ( 3-4 nos), salt, turmeric.

For the gravy: Onion ( 1 medium ), red chilli ( 2 nos), coriander seeds ( 1 1/2 tsp ), cumin seeds ( 1 tsp ), cardamon ( 3 nos ), cinnamon ( 1 inch long ), cloves ( 3-4 nos), tomatao ( 2 nos, medium ).

For the biryani rice: Basmati rice (1/2 kg), ghee ( 1 tbs ), bay leaf ( 1 no), star
anise ( 2-3 nos), javitri ( 1 flower), onion ( 1 medium), red chilli (2-3 nos), salt to taste.

For cooking: 5-6 tsp oil ( mix of oil and ghee is also good ), ginger garlic paste ( 1 tsp ).

Preparation: Mix all the ingredients for marination and keep aside for 2 hours.

Grind all the gravy ingredients into a fine paste.

Cut the onion into rings and keep aside.

Cooking: Heat the oil in a wok. Add the ground paste along with a bit of salt. Allow to cook for 3-4 mins. Add ginger-garlic paste and cook till the oil separates from the masala.

Add the marinated mutton and cook for 10 mins in the open vessel. Transfer to a
pressure-cooker and add 1-2 cups water along with salt. Close lid and cook for
2-3 whistles or till it is soft.

Remove from fire and keep aside.

Wash the basmati rice, drain and keep aside.

Heat another pressure cooker ( large one, 5ltr preferably). Add the ghee followed by the whole masalas and red chillis, and fry for 30 secs. Add the cooked mutton and the washed rice. Mix well.

Add 1 1/5 cups of water for every cup of rice. Sprinkle salt and the onion rings. Close lid and allow to cook for 2 whistles.

Remove from fire and allow to stand for 10 mins. Serve with ajwain raita.

Note: Tastes best when the mutton has a bit of fat in it.

Mutton Biryani


  1. Thats an awesome way of making mutton biriyani.I loved the recipe.Looks perfect

  2. Very mouthwatering recipe it looks delicious.

  3. looks so yummylicious with all the condiments :))

  4. Mutton Biriyani looks delightful. Loved your method with all the easy to obtain ingredients.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. I have used prepared the mutton in the usual method as in Orissa....or even in Bengal!! The focus in on bringing out the flavors of the mutton and not over-whelming it by adding too much of masalas!!

  6. thats one of my fav biriyanis....looks very delicious!!

  7. new to ur space and happy to follow u for more wonderful recipes..

    do visit my space when u get time

  8. Hi
    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for joining my family.
    Keep visiting. All the best.
    I will keep coming here :-)

  9. O my fav ..Dear..But am on diet, can't hve this..Instead I'll simpl y gaze at ur pics sitting here >>


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