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Zero Butter/Oil Butter Chicken

Wood Apple-Vanilla Smoothie ( A Western Take on Odisha's summer drink 'Bela Panna' )

Patra Ni Macchi ( Navroz Collaboration with ADollopOfThat & DelishPotporri )

Zero Oil Methi Murg ( Guilt Free Indulgence for Real )

Spiced Banana Stem Buttermilk ( A digestive Summer drink )

Sugarfree Thandai Shrikhand ( A very Happy Holi to Everyone :) )

Salted Caramelized Lime Mojitos

Zero Oil Matar Paneer ( A Women's Day Special )

Kokum and Rose Mojito ( A Refreshing Non-alcoholic Cooler )

Bachelor's Egg Curry ( 1 tsp Oil Calorie Recipe Series )