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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Haleem ( Ramzan special recipe )

The Holy month of Ramzan is drawing to an end. And my tastebuds were craving for some Haleem, not having any chance to devour some of this sinfully indulgent delicacy in Banglore. How i miss Hyderabad and the Chicken haleem (@ Hyderabad House) and mutton haleem (@Pista House).

On an impulse I decided to give it a try. Since the preparation involves slow cooking the meat fr 6-8 hours, it looked a little daunting. Did a bit of research on the net and found that a pressure cooker can be used to significantly cut down on the cooking time.

Next was to zero in on the masala. Homemade or off the shelf , which way to go ?? Luckily i found this packet of 'Shan' haleem masala on the shelves @ Total superstore and the decision was made.

So, i washed and soaked the pulses overnight. Brought fresh mutton from the neighbourhood butcher on a sunday morning (Yeah...u get the best mutton on a Sunday morning). I kicked off the preparation with much fanfare.

Midway into the cooking, i realized that the curry looked much darker than the ones i had in Hyderabad. And the grains were still whole (though they were fully cooked).

'Ditch that advice on the net, go by your instincts' said my mind. So, i ended by separating the mutton from the rest of the curry and straining the gravy. Once i had ground the whole grains/lentils, the colour turned very much lighter. On combining everything in the wok this time, i knew i was bang on target. All's well that ends well. Pat on the back. My haleem turned out to be delicious and it was worth all the time/effort invested.

Now it would be criminal on my part to keep this delicious recipe to myself. So, here we go:

Preparation Time- 60-70 mins

Ingredients - Mutton ( 250 gm ), whole wheat ( 2 tsp ), barley ( 2 tsp ), toor dal ( 2 tsp ), channa dal ( 2 tsp ), ghee ( 3 tsp ), haleem masala ( 1 1/2 tsp ), 1 large onion (chopped), mint leaves ( a handful ), chopped almonds ( 7-8 nos ), ginger garlic paste ( 1 tsp ), sour curd ( 1 tbs ), raw papaya ( 1/4th cup ), for garnishing ( coriander leaves, mint , lime juice, green chilli, caramelized onions ), salt to taste.

Preparation - Wash and soak the wheat, barley, toor dal and channa dal overnight.

Marinate the mutton with sour curd, chopped raw papaya, ginger garlic paste, pinch of turmeric and little salt for 2-3 hours.

Cooking- Heat 2 tsp of ghee in a pressure cooker. Add the marinated mutton and haleem masala. Fry for 5 mins.Add the soaked grains and lentils along with 3-4 cups of water. Close the lid and cook for 40 mins.

Once the pressure cooker cools down, open the lid and check if the mutton pieces have started to fall off the bones. If not, close lid and cook for another 10-15 minutes.

Separate the mutton pieces from the gravy and remove the bones from them. Mash the mutton pieces using a heavy spoon/fork.Strain the gravy and keep the liquid aside. Grind the lentils/grains (left on the strainer) into a smooth paste.

Heat the remaining ghee in a wok. Add the chopped onion and fry till golden. Add mint leaves and chopped almonds and fry for 30 seconds. Add the mashed mutton, strained liquid and lentils/grains gravy along with 1-2 cups of water and bring to a boil.

Simmer on low flame for 15 minutes. Stir in some caramelized onion and coriander leaves and cook for 5 minutes more.

Garnish with coriander leaves, mint leaves, caramelized onion, line juice and green chilli. Serve hot.

Note- If you do not get Shan Haleem masala , try Banne Nawab's. It available online. Else go for a homemade spice mix ( coriander, cumin trmeric, red chilli powder, nigelle seeds, bay leaf, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, ginger, garlic ).

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