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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Latest on Online Shopping Destinations (Sabitri Brata Series)

Compared to the mad rush that one comes across during the Karva Chauth festival, Savitri Brata can be deemed as a quite laid back festival. The women observe a fast for their husbands and deck themselves with new clothes and sankha-sindura (red bangles - vermilion ). But these days along with the essentials, quite a few Odia women have also started purchasing makeup items, skincare products, accessories and other items of clothing.

Keeping the changing trends in mind and also that fact that quite a large proportion of my readers are women, I am sharing a few of my favorite websites. Ofcourse, there are lots of them but I have narrowed down the choices based on my personal shopping experience while keeping it as relevant a possible -

1. Nykaa.com - The one stop shop for anything related to beauty and skincare. It has the widest range of products available online but the shipping time may be a bit too much if there is a sale going on. With Mother's day being tomorrow, check out some great deals HERE!!

But you may need to pay extra for shipping /COD orders.

2. Peachmode.com - I love the Sarees and the Anarkalis they stock. And at such awesome prices ( best price when i compare to other sites ). I personally pick a few pieces in March for a wedding in the family and I am still counting the compliments. But sadly, they have only few pieces of each item. So, if it catches your eye, buy it immediately.

3. Shopatplaces.com - Love ethnic stoles and kurtis. This is the right place for you. They stock some really awesome prints, especially the Bhagalpuri stoles and the Phulkari dupattas which are worth a kill .

Have a discount going on for purchase of two items and COD orders are free.

4. Amazon.in - They have some pretty good options if you are looking for appliances. One can purchase hair styles, straighteners, Scholl express pedi, various Derma rollers and other stuff from Amazon. (I feel that this is one department where they have better options and even better prices as compared to Flipkart ). Usually they do not charge extra for COD orders.

5. Limeroad.com - The ethnic collection is amazing and they keep announcing surprise sales / Happy hours every now and then. My bet would be to buy during discounts or when they offer free shipping on COD orders. Have to pay extra for COD orders.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Important Oriya Festivals & Dates for 2014

Makar Sankranti ( 14 January) - Makara Chaula (makara-chaula)
Samba Dasami ( 10 January) - Ghadaghadiya Tarkari
Saraswati Puja ( 4 February) - Chuda Ghasa(chuda ghasa)
Shivratri ( 27 February ) - Panchamrita(panchamrit)
Dola Jatra ( 17 March ) - Amba panna(amba-panna)
Mahabisuba/Panaa Sankranti ( 14 April )- Bela Panaa/Chattua Panna(bela panaa)/(chattua panaa)
Ram Nabami ( 8 April ) - Chaula Kheeri (chaulaa kheeri)
Akshaya Tritiya ( 2 May ) -
Sabitri Brata ( 28 May ) - Phala ahara
Rajaa ( 14, 15, 16 June )- Janta Poda pitha(janta poda pitha), Budha chakuli (buddha chakuli), Saru chakuli(saru chakuli
Ratha Jatra ( 29 June ) - Poda pitha (Poda pitha)
Bahuda Jatra ( 7 July ) - Chakuli (Leuta pitha)
Jyesta Purnima ( 13 June ) - Chaula Kheeri
Janmasthami ( 7 August ) - Kheeri, Lahuni
Ganesh Puja ( 29 August ) - Rasi ladoo, Chuda ghasa
Nua Khai ( 30 August ) - Kheeri, Arissa, Khechudi
Dwitibahana Osa ( 15 September ) - Pariba Ghanta(pariba ghanta)
Durgasthami ( 1, 2, 3 October ) - Kanika (kanika)/Khechudi (khichudi)
Kumar Purnima ( 7 October ) - Khaee Chanda
Kartika Somabar ( Kartika masa starts on 8th October, First Monday falls on 13 October )- Muga Dalma/Habisa Dalma (Habisa Dalma ), Aau khatta (Aau khatta )
Panchuka ( 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 November ) - Non-vegetarian items are forbidden
Balijatra ( 6 November )
Chada Khai ( 7 November )
Prathamasthami  ( 15 November ) - Enduri Pitha (enduri pitha)
Manabasa Gurubar ( First one falls on 13 November, But for those who observe Manabasa only after Prathamastami it is 20 November )- Gaintha/Attakali ( Attakali ), Kakara, chakuli, Dahi Pakala, Sagaa, Khechudi
Dhanu Sankranti ( 16 December ) - Dhanu Muaa

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