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Monday, August 10, 2015

Hotel review - Fortune Jp Palace (Mysore)

Sometimes even the best laid plans get laid. Hence this time we made some impromptu plans for the weekend. A trip made to the lap of wilderness (Bandipur Forest Reserve) that finally ended up in the lap of luxury when we were lucky to find a room in Fortune Jp Palace. Bless these guys who were happy to make a reservation for us even though I had called just half a hour before landing at the hotel.

A beautiful white structure that goes rather well with its royal name, it is located very near to the iconic St Philomena's Church. It is also located within jogging proximity (if you are health freak types) to the Mysore Palace and the zoo. By the way, I must mention that Mysore itself is a small town and everything that is worth seeing is actually within a radius of 5 km. Before I get carried away on a tangent, the hotel is most beautifully and tastefully done up. Hardly surprising given that it is part of the illustrious ITC group.

We had to pay the room rent in advance and then we were promptly led into our room. Everything about it was nice and welcoming. The furniture is dark wooden and very well maintained. Even the bathroom was very neat and fitted with a host of useful stuff that we girls cannot live without (facial tissues, hair dryer, make up mirror , etc).

The 8 hour long trip had left us starving and we ordered for a Biryani, Noodles and a Khichdi (quite a eclectic mix but we our motley group had failed to reach a consensus). Too tired to ventured out, we opted to have it in our room. The food was spectacular. While I could not identify the genre of the Biryani, it was too delicious as if everything that they had thrown in had worked together in perfect harmony.

High on the food and low on energy, we promptly took a siesta. It was evening by the time we woke up and ordered some tea. Unfortunately the tea did not make the cut. Venturing out of our room, we ambled along the poolside area and shopped for some knick-knacks in their in-house souvenir shop. After spending some time inside the hotel, we went shopping for Mysore Silk sarees in the city and ended up taking a buggy ride around the Mysore palace and even having an early dinner.

We were back at the hotel by 10 pm. And since we had a light dinner, we felt a little hungry by 11. We ordered for a Chicken pizza which was swiftly delivered within the next 20 mins. And what a pizza it was !! Guys if you are willing to deliver it to Bangalore, I will only be too happy to switch my loyalties from a certain D which has been monopolizing my home-delivered meals.

If the pizza was the harbinger of the good things that were to come, it sure lived up to its reputation. The breakfast that followed was something worth dying for. Croissants, Brioche, Danish pastry, Muffins, Frankfurts, Salami, Cornflakes, Museli, Pancake with maple syrup, French toast, assorted fresh fruits, Medu vada, Idli, Alu puri, Upma, Dosa, Omelette, and every possible breakfast favorite was on the menu.

We checked out from the hotel around 10:00 am. And it was a speedy process without any hiccups. After filling up the feedback form and promising to be back, I happily hopped into the car and moved on towards a new destination.


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