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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chuda Bhaja

Whenever I used to fall ill or catch a cold as a kid, my mom would find it a very difficult task to feed me. Everything tasted like sawdust and I refused to open my mouth. It was during those times she gave me mudhi bhaja or chuda bhaja, puffed rice/flattened rice fried with some onions, chilli and topped with some JB mixture/farsan . Now the JB mixture thing is a legend with most Rourkela-ites but sadly not available in other parts of the state. While it was quite simple and healthy, it tasted wonderful to my ravaged taste buds. In fact the taste and the memories still linger on in my mind. And that is why I made this recently when my son was suffering from a cold. The little one quite enjoyed it. Sadly I had to do without the JB mixture as I did not have any in stock. (Even the little one likes it, maybe it is in his genes.)

While I do make this with the addition of oats ( you will find it on my blog ), I never thought of posting it. But this time I made a note to do it. Some of the harried moms' will surely find it useful. Read on -

Preparation Time - 10 mins

Ingredients -

1 cup chuda or poha or flattened rice
a fistful of peanuts
4-5 curry leaves
1 dry red chilli (broken into 2-3 pieces)
1 small onion finely chopped
2-3 tsp oil for frying
a bit of red chilli powder  (optional)
Some mixture/farsan for topping
salt to taste

Cooking - Heat oil in a wok. Add the red chilli and curry leaves. Fry a bit.

Add the peanuts and turn up flame so that they start popping.

Add a little chuda at first. Allow then to soak up some oil and get puffed. Then add in the rest of the stuff. Fry for 5-6 mins till they turn crispy. Add salt and mix in.

Add the onions at this stage and fry on high for 1 minutes.

Finally remove from flame and add the mixture.

Serve immediately else it tends to get soggy. (If you want to store it, do not add onions or add them at the beginning and fry to a crisp.)



  1. wow ...moro forever favorite .... making it today... Dhanyabad

  2. Crispy tangy tasty chewda, love it any time, ur version sounds tasty.

  3. Thanks for the post. By any chance.. do you know the contact details of the shop who sells JB Mixture ?


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