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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Patanjali Turmeric Powder

On my last trip to Rourkela (my native in Odisha), I was introduced to many Patanjali products and since then I have become totally hooked. It was tough to find them in Bangalore unless one visited their stores which was a pain in itself (not the store but the traffic enroute). That was before I discovered that they are available online on Zopnow.com (Muuah...I cant thank you folks enuf) .But somehow it never came to my mind to review them before I stumbled upon quite a few reviews in the beauty blogs.

So, here comes the first one. And before you ask me why I picked this product first, try and imagine Indian cooking without 'Haldi'. Naah....it is the one that gives that beautiful hue to our curries and dal. And this one did make me nostalgic. It reminds one of the 'Chakki ka Pisa hua haldi' our moms used in their kitchen. Oh-so-pure. Buying whole turmeric, drying it and finally taking it to the neighbourhood Chakki an be quite a task. But why make so much effort when you have this one available.

Read on for the review -

Advantages -

1. Gives a very nice and natural color. (And Patanjali poducts are renowned to be pure and free from chemical dyes )
2. Skin friendly. I used it in my ubtan and applied on my face too. It did not burn like some other brands.
3. It is economical and cost Rs 22 per 100 gms. (same as other brands but cheaper as compared to the organic stuff)
4. Gives nice color with less quantity used.
5. Available online on Zopnow.com.

Disadvantages -

1. Not sure if it is totally organic and free from pesticides and fertilizer traces. The label does not mention anything.

Keeping the above points in mind, I would rate it a 4.75/5. (-0.25 for not mentioning if it is organic in origin). And do not ask if I would repurchase it. Have been using it since January this year and do not remember the number of packets used up.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for reviewing the turmeric powder. Would try it out very soon.


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