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Monday, November 11, 2013

Random snaps from my parents' Garden

Lemons waiting to be harvested. I rediscovered the heavenly taste of lime juice made from ripe lemons plucked right off the tree.


The 'Annapurna' or Kewda/Kewra leaves. These very fragrant leaves were used to flavor Kheer or Chawal in earlier times. With a plethora of exotic spices being available these days, they are becoming something of a rarity. Pure nostalgia. They are also known as Pandan leaves.

Turmeric leaves waiting to be harvested for Prathamasthami. These form the outer warp of the 'Enduri pitha', a must have on the day. The fragrance of these leaves is very enticing.

Kalama sagaa vine bearing beautiful white flowers. The leaves and flowers if this plant are edible and quite a delicacy.

Betel nut (Paan) vine stealthily climbing the outer walls of the house. While a paan is usually offered to the guests by the host at the end of a typical Indian meal, the leaves have much religious importance too.

'Arbi' or Colocassia plant growing in the shade of a mango tree. While it is still time for the leaves to wither off and the 'arbi' lying under the soil to mature,  there is no stopping me from sampling a yummy chutney made from these tender leaves.


  1. I grow some of these herbs in my garden too. I think that is pandan leaves, the long green shots. They simply grow in bundles in my garden. Isn't it a joy to pluck our own herbs from our garden and use them for cooking?

  2. HI Navs....thanks for dropping by!!
    Yeah these are Pandan leaves..confirmed with a google search...they are also called Kewra or Kewda in Hindi....

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  4. Thanks for letting me know about so much vegetables. Your content is really very nice. I was searching for arbi's english name. BTW we call it 'pechki' in Bihar.


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