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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Important Oriya Festivals & Special Recipes

Each festival/celebration/occasion calls for a special recipe/dish. While some of these are traditional in nature and have been handed down from generation to generation, we all do have some family favorites. Staying in nuclear families and away from Orissa makes it difficult for many of us to stick to the traditional recipes as either the awareness/recipe/ingredient eludes us. While the last one is beyond our reach, this list is an attempt on my part to create awareness about such traditional recipes. The list is not comprehensive and i would appreciate any useful inputs/additions. Read on for the list:

Makar Sankranti (January) - Makara Chaula (makara-chaula)
Samba Dasami (January) - Ghadaghadiya Tarkari
Saraswati Puja (January) - Chuda Ghasa(chuda ghasa)
Shivratri (March) - Panchamrita(panchamrit)
Dola Jatra (March) - Amba panna
Mahabisuba/Panaa Sankranti - Bela Panaa/Chattua Panna(bela panaa)
Ram Nabami (April) - Chaula Kheeri (chaulaa kheeri)
Rajaa (June)- Janta Poda pitha(janta poda pitha), Budha chakuli (buddha chakuli), Saru chakuli(saru chakuli
Ratha Jatra (June-July) - Poda pitha (Poda pitha)
Bahuda Jatra (July) - Chakuli (Leuta pitha)
Jyesta Purnima - Chaula Kheeri
Ganesh Puja - Rasi ladoo, Chuda ghasa
Dwitibahana Osa - Pariba Ghanta(pariba ghanta)
Durgasthami - Kanika (kanika)/Khechudi (khichudi)
Kumar Purnima - Khaee Chanda
Kartika Somabar - Muga Dalma/Habisa Dalma, Aau khatta
Prathamasthami - Enduri Pitha (enduri pitha)
Manabasa Gurubar (November - December)- Gaintha/Attakali, Kakara, chakuli, Dahi Pakala, Sagaa, Khechudi
Dhanu Sankranti (December-January) - Dhanu Muaa

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