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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kadali Bhanda Patua ( Banana flower curry )

Cooking Time Required: 10-12 mins
Cost of preparation: 10-15 Rupees

Ingredients: Kadali Bhanda/ banana flowers ( 1 no), potato ( 1 small ), mustard seeds ( 1 tsp), garlic flakes ( 4-5 nos), turmeric, salt, green chilli ( 1 no. ), mustard oil ( 2 tsp ).

Preparation: Remove the layers of the banana flower till the innermost 2.5-3 inch long section remains. Cut this into small chunks.

Cut the potato into small pieces and keep aside.

Grind the dry mustard seeds, add the chopped banana flower, green chilli, garlic pods along with a little water and grind into a coarse paste.

Mix the above paste with chopped potato, salt, turmeric and mustard oil. Add a few tsp of water and transfer to a wok.

Cooking: Put the wok on the small burner and cover with a lid. Cook on low flame for
7-8 mins.

Optional: Add abt half tsp of mustard oil and 1-2 crushed garlic flakes just before
removing from the stove.

Serve with mudhi ( puffed rice ) or white rice.

Alternately the addition of water is avoided and the thick paste wrapped up in a banana leaf. This can be cooked in the microwave for 6-7 mins or roasted on an iron pan with a little oil for 10-12 minutes.


  1. nicely made dear...we also make this curry almost the same way !wishing u n ur family new year in advance!


  2. Curry is totally new to me....Looks delicious...
    Wish you and your dear ones a Happy and Prosperous New Year

  3. Wat a healthy curry..Wish u a very happy and prosperous new year..

  4. sorry i was awy from blogging for a while...
    yummy tarkaris as usual... I have to check all the posts. you do such a good job here...
    Happy New Year!

  5. Lovely curry dear. A very happy and prosperous new year.

  6. hey, i actually made a banana flower stir fry recently. But I used all the outer flowers too. Just stir fried with some mustard seeds, green chillies, irad dal and coconut. It was really good! Your version looks fabulous too :)

  7. The outer flowers are also used for cooking. Its just that the inner core is a bit tedious to clean...so i made it into a paste with all other spices...


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