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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bharwa Karela

Cooking Time Required: 25 mins
Cost of Preparation: 30-45 Rupees

Ingredients: Karela or bittergourd ( 2 nos, medium sized ), oil for deep frying, salt ( 1/6 tsp ), turmeric ( 1/5 tsp ), chilli powder ( 1/5 tsp ).

For stuffing: Boiled potato ( 1 no, small ), finely chopped onions ( 1 no, medium ),
finely chopped green chilli ( 1 tsp ), chopped coriander leaves ( 1 tsp ), cumin powder ( 1/5 tsp ), corinder powder ( 1/5 tsp ), salt ( to taste ), oil ( 3 tsp ), raisins ( 2 tbs ), broken cashews ( 2 tbs ).

For Masala: coriander powder (1 tsp), amchur powder ( 1/3 tsp), saunf/fennel powder ( 1 tsp), red chilli powder ( 1/4 tsp ), turmeric ( 1/6 tsp), salt ( 2-3 pinch ), mustard oil ( 1 1/2 tsp ).

Preparation: Cut off the ends of the bitter gourd. Peel the outer surface and make a
slit along the entire length. Remove the pulp and seeds. DO not throw away the peels.

Rub the salt, turmeric and chilli powder throughly all over the bitter gourd. Keep
aside for half hour.

Mix the ingredients for the masala and keep aside.

Cooking: Heat oil in a frying pan. Add the bitter gourd along with the peels. Fry till it is cooked well. Allow the peels to become crisp.

Apply the masala all over and inside the fried bitter gourd. Keep aside.

Heat the oil in a pan. Add the chopped onions and fry till translucent. Add the raisins and cashews and fry till the raisins swell up.

Add the boiled potato along with the corinder powder, cumin powder and salt. Fry till the potato is done. Then sprinkle chopped coriander leaves, green chillis and the crisped bittergourd peels. Add the remaining masala and mix well.

Stuff the fried karelas and fry lighly on a pan using a light spray of oil.


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