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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oriya Rasgulla

Its the Oriya cousin of the famed Bengali Rosogulla....some even call it the predecessor of the latter ( the rasgulla origins remain debatable )!! And i do not happen to be in the mood to tread such treacherous waters ( After having 3 of these rasgulla i feel like i have died and gone to heaven !!!!). Most popular among all the chenna mithas from Orissa, it is close to every Oriya's heart. Unfortunately it is not known by many people outside the state.

The oriya rasgulla can be further differentiated into the Salepur and the Pahala varieties. The former is more chewy and sweeter while the latter is very soft and aromatic.

So when one of my friends returned from Bhubneshwar last week, i could not resist asking her to get some for me. I had asked for the canned variety ( these are the Salepur variety ) and not the ones sold at Pahala as the latter gets spoiled very easily.

I know some ppl would have visited my blog looking for the recipe!! Sorry folks..but its a well-guarded secret handed down over generations . I do know some people who have tried to replicate its awesome taste but with disasterous to somewhat ok results. That is enough to keep me from trying out the same.

Some would argue that its available at other places in orissa. I know it is...but i
strongly recommend that one visits this nondescript village ( Pahala ) situated near
Bhubneshwar and favours it fresh!! You can finds lots of small shops selling them. One can make a short halt at one of these shops and taste this delectable sweet. Like most people you would be willing to turn a blind eye to your diet charts and gobble half a dozen of these ( believe me...I did).

Unlike the spongy bengali rosogulla, this one has a grainy texture( not sure how to
describe it....i would say definitely less chewy and more of 'melting in the mouth' kinda feel ) and a very mild sweet-sour taste . Quite a few ppl would have missed that....just try keeping a savouring a bit of it in your mouth for a few seconds ( just like one would savour a great wine ). Sad part is that it turns very sour even when kept refrigerated.

Will post a tried & tested recipe as soon as i can get my hands on one !!!!


  1. Wow! I never heard about this, looks very delish

  2. Truely said freind.The taste of rasogolla and specially of pahala and salepur is undescribed.Just after putting in mouth it tastes like even.Myself not so much sweet lover but waits for the rasogolla's whenever my dad visits to bhubaneshwar.And its my special request to dad that not to bring any gift instead of that to bring rasogolla for me.


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