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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bharwa Shimla Mirch ( Stuffed Capsicum )

Cooking Time Required: 25-30 mins
Cost of Preparation: 35-40 mins

Ingredients: Capsicum ( medium sized, 2 nos ), fresh green peas ( 1/2 cup ), potato ( 1 no., large ), onion ( 1 no., small ), paneer cubes ( 1/2 cup ), ginger garlic paste ( 1 tsp ), chilli powder (1/3 tsp ), cumin powder ( 1/5 tsp ), coriander powder ( 1/5 tsp ), garam masala ( a pinch ), fennel seeds ( 1/4 tsp ), turmeric ( 1/5 tsp ), salt, oil for cooking.

Cooking: Boil the potato and keep aside to cool down.

Cut the onions into small pieces . Crumble the paneer cubes.

Cut off the top of the capsicum. Remove the seeds and the inner pith.

Heat oil in a wok. Add fennel seeds . Follow with the onion pieces. Fry till translucent. Add ginger garlic paste. Fry till the raw smell goes off.

Add the green peas, crumbled paneer, corinader powder, cumin powder , turmeric, chilli powder and salt.

Cook till the stuffing starts leaving the sides of the wok. Sprinkle garam masala and mix well. Keep aside to cool down a bit.

Stuff the capsicum to the maximum capacity.

Slice into two.

Heat 3-4 tsp oil in a wok. Place the sliced capsicum and fry on both sides. Cover with a lid for faster cooking with lesser oil.

Serve as a snack or a starter.

Note: Do not go overboard with any of the aromatic spices ( coriander/cumin/garam masala ) if you want to retain the distinctive taste of capsicum.

For preparing Bharwa Shimla Mirch without onion and garlic:

Replace the ginger-garlic paste with grated ginger and the onion can be replaced with finely shredded cabbage. To retain the richness of the dish, one can add fried cashews and raisins to the stuffing.

Shimla mirch


  1. I love stuffed bell peppers very much n the platter looks very appetizing :)

    US Masala

  2. I adore the stuffed bell peppers too! This looks very tasty.

  3. Omg, those stuffed simla mirchis makes me drool..tempting!

  4. wow...looks soooooooooo delicious...love it..would surely like to try ! check out my recipes too at http://onlyfishrecipes.blogspot.com/ and let me know your valuable comments

  5. Capsicum itself has a distinct aroma and this stuffing makes it more alluring ...

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. The bharwan shimlas look absolutely delicious! Loved the step by step presentations that you made, and the tips in the end. Now I know what to put instead of onions on days when I am fasting:-)
    You have a wonderful space here, enjoyed my visit thoroughly, will surely drop by often to get a bite of your mouth watering delicacies :-)

  7. Love these spicy stuffed capsicums.
    Thanks for dropping by simply.food.Your visit and comments are very much appreciated.

  8. Delicious stuffed bell pepper,loved the filling..yummy.


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