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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I received the Tresemme Split Remedy Hamper a few weeks back for a free trial (Thanks Indiblogger). But since I was trying out the Sunsilk Natural Recharge range at that time, I decided to put it on hold. After the less than encouraging results of the Sunsilk version, I was hesitant to try this out. And if one takes a look at most of the beauty blogs, this shampoo is quite a let-down. Anyways I tried it as I had to do the review.

Have used it for just 3 washes till date and I quite like this product. As per the product claims it is supposed to reduce and repair upto 96 percent of the split ends in just 3 washes for a salon like smoothness. One has to use it along with the conditioner for best results. Though I did not have any split ends (thanks to a trimming a few weeks back), it worked nicely to reduce the dryness in my hair. My hair left a lot smoother and straighter as it takes care of the fizz and fly-away as well.

Product Claims 

Read further for more details -



Advantages -
1. Economical price and good quantity ( Rs 80/- for 90 ml each ).
2. Nice fragrance which lingers on almost for the day.
3. The cap design is sturdy and it offers good control over the quantity being poured out.
4. Reduces dryness and fizz. Hair looks shiny and healthy.
5. Made my hair more manageable and effect lasted 3 days. Even after 3 days, no adverse effects noticed (though i admit to have used a serum...it is just my regular habit).
6. Shampoo creates a good lather and cleans hair in just a single wash.
7. Conditioner does not weigh down my hair.

Disadvantages -

1. Contains silicones which are detrimental to hair in the long run.
2. Not sure if it repairs split ends as I had a trim recently.
3. Also contains SLS.
4. The cap might get pressed accidentally when kept in a bag during travelling and hence it is a no-no for travels.
5. Does not control hairfall.

Definitely worth a try at the given price. Overall, I would rate it 3.75/5. ( I wish to go back to Patanjali Hair Cleanser (yellow bottle with orange cap) but sadly I am unable to find it. Any idea if they have discontinued it ??? )

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