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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Petoo: Startup or Goof-up ( Food Review )

Pandemonium has been reigning over the house ever since the BBMP guys started the waste segregation drive. No, I don't have anything against it and infant support it wholeheartedly as a righteous and law abiding citizen. But for the fact that it arrived at the wrong time for us. Given my resolution for more of home cooked and healthy food this year, I have been spending more time in the kitchen. So, hubby dear sometimes steps in to lend a helping hand. And that is exactly where it goes wrong. Despite multiple permutations and combinations ( read separate color/size/location of the bins/bags), he is still not able to figure it out. As a result, I have to spend even more time rectifying his bloopers. Or in simpler terms, segregating the mixed up waste.

Just to escape the mind numbing routine ( ain't they all? ), I decided to take a break from cooking on Sunday. Though I wanted to eat out, a recent stomach bug had put the men ( hubby & sonny boy ) of the house, out of the dining-out equation (Sigh!!). Seeking out some comfort food, I scoured (or rather scrolled) through Swiggy, and unfortunately ended up at Petoo as my favorite Biryani joint was not delivering on the day. Jab aap kisi cheez ko puri shidaat se avoid karna chahte ho, to puri kayanat aapko usse milene mein joot jati hai !! Did Paulo Coelho get it all wrong in 'The Alchemist' ??

Looking though the options, I finally settled on 'Hyderabadi Tikka Biryani' (Non-Veg) which was priced decently enough at Rs 220. Moreover I was bowled over by the description which read "Delicate long grains of Basmati rice gently cooked with fragrant whole spices & layered with delicious hot chicken tikkas bursting with flavours of spices, ginger garlic & tomatoes. " I placed the order and waited patiently for the food to arrive.

And sure enough it came on time. The packaging looked attractive ( but never ever judge a book by it's cover ) and the contents were packed quite hygienically. The Biryani was accompanied by a raita and a salan. They had also provided a spoon, a tissue and a hajmola candy in the package. Full points for the packaging and presentation. Quantity is also good for the price. Can't get it better on this front.

But sadly, it goes downhill from this point. The moment I opened the package, the strong waft of 'kewra' hit my nostrils. Now kewra is a dangerous spice. Add just a drop and it is heavenly. Go overboard with it and it turns the dish unpalatable. Ignoring the offending kewra, I started to dig through the rice in search of the 'delicious hot chicken Tikkas' that I had been promised. And then it hit me on the face. "I have been swindled", I screamed to my husband and have been doing so to all people who care to hear me out. Instead of the tikkas, I got a few pieces of boiled chicken sans any spice. "Touheen". This is just not Hyderabadi Biryani. I sincerely believe that the inventors of this incredible gem of a dish would be tossing in their graves at the travesty perpetrated by the 'Petoo' kitchen. I would have done so had I been in their place .

Not wasting more of my time nor yours, this is a must avoid. !! Petoo guys please clean up your act else your epithet is going to read something like "Start-up se pack-up tak" .

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