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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Raisin and Saffron Muffins

Its quite hot these days and on top of it, my oven has been acting up. But I still had the persistence to bake another batch of muffins. Had to rotate the tray quite a few times to avoid getting those dreaded burn spots but still could not manage to get them to brown evenly on top. The yummy taste and fluffy texture saved it for me and my son really liked it. Read on for the recipe:

Preparation Time - 35 mins

Ingredients -

  • All purpose flour ( 1 cup)
  • butter ( 1/2 cup )
  • sugar ( 1/2 cup, powdered )
  • egg ( 1 no)
  • chopped raisins ( 1/3 cup )
  • milk ( 1/4 cup )
  • baking powder ( 1/2 level tsp )
  • saffron ( 1/5 tsp)
  • cardamom powder (1 pinch)

Preparation - Heat the milk. Add the saffron strands to it and allow to soak for 20 mins.

Take the butter  in a mixing bowl. Add the powdered sugar and beat well for 5 mins or till the mixture turns a few shades lighter.

Break egg into a separate bowl and beat well such that stiff peaks can be formed.
Stir gently into the butter-sugar mix. Add the saffron milk also.( do not panic if you find a slight curdling at this stage )
Mix the flour and baking powder together. Use a sieve to gently sift it into the batter in small batches. Mix gently till no lumps remain. Stir in the raisins keeping aside a few to sprinkle on top.

Grease a non-stick muffin tray. Pour into the molds till 2/3 full. Sprinkle chopped raisins on top.

Cooking - Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Put the tray inside and turn down heat to 160 degrees after 5 minutes. Bake for another 10 mins.

Insert a toothpick at the center of muffin and check if it comes out clean. Else bake for another 2-3 mins.

Remove from oven and keep on a cooling rack. Overturn the tray to remove the muffins while still warm (easy to come out).

Serve immediately or store in a airtight container for 2-3 days.

Note - Roll the raisins in a little all-purpose flour before sprinkling on top. This prevents them from sinking into the muffins.

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