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Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Home Makeover with #PaintFinder

Every living space has a story. One only needs to take in the wall colors, the decor and the furniture, and it conveys a message about the person who inhabits that space. Whether one is a moody drifter, a vibrant artist, an ever-ambitious achiever or even a cheerful soul, we all tend to lend our personal touch to our room and the house as a whole. And a clash of colors can turn out to be as disastrous as a clash of personalities.

With the festive season on the brink, a home makeover was imminent for us. And it can turn out to be quite a chore. Visiting the various showrooms, consulting people and then doing a cost analysis-benefit analysis is no small task. But then we stumbled upon this life-saver of a tool called the #PaintFinder on the Bed Bath & More website. With this easy to use tool, one can actually give a virtual makeover to any living space and then analyze whether the look and feel is what one had in mind. And what more, features like the Product Comparison and Paint Calculator help a lot in narrowing down the choices without any expert help. I especially liked the Paint Calculator which gives a cost estimate depending on the area that needs to be painted. For example, a standard room (10 ft x 15 ft) with a 8 ft wall comes to ( 10 + 15 ) x 2 x 8 = 400 sq. ft. Once we enter this area and the number of doors and windows, it automatically populates the price (approx). Great, isn't it !!

Now coming to the actual makeover and the most difficult task, i.e., getting a consensus among all family members. With my husband and I having almost diametrically opposite personalities, it gets a little tricky here. But with work keeping him out of the house ( he is a investment banker ) for most of the day and myself working from home most of the time ( I am a freelance writer ), we had different views on the color of each room. However, once we started looking at the virtual previews, we found ourselves agreeing one most of the spaces ( Thanks #PaintFinder ) .

We picked up a beautiful and warm red hue for the living space. Now both of us love to have our friends over for the weekends or festivals. A cheery and inviting atmosphere in the living room sets the right note for such gatherings. It encourages conversation, brings out the extrovert in us and whets up the appetite for the good things to come ( well, no gathering can ever be complete without great food ). And as our house is blessed with a rather spacious living room, the dark tone makes it look rather cozy and not too intimidating as some open spaces tend to be. 

We decided to extend this theme to the dining which is comparatively smaller in size. But a much
lighter red and the large windows did the trick and we found the dining area looking large and inviting at the same time.

The next most important space for me was my own personal space and the place where my husband
likes to unwind after a hectic day in the office. We picked this soothing and yet stimulating Purple. It is just the right shade for letting the creative juices flow and I prefer to undertake my writing assignments in this cozy corner of the house. Yet, this shade provides much peace when one seeks a spiritual retreat within the four walls of the house. Maybe it is the mix of cool shade like blue and a warm one like red that gives purple/lavender/violet this mysterious property.

Then came the room that is most important in every married couple's life. We picked up a amethyst
shade for this room to keep is relaxing and also to keep the romance alive. With complimenting accents of deep purple and silver, we realized that this would pretty much be the bedroom of our imagination.

The attached bedroom will also get a amethyst and neutral makeover to provide much needed succor to one's body and mind. 

With the colors pretty much finalized, we got a ballpark of the costs involved from the same website. One could not have wished for more.

This calls an end to the much exciting and happy activity of getting a home makeover. Now all that remains is for us to calculate the area of each room and order the paint sheet on the website. Thanks to Bed Bath & More, we could enjoy and complete the task in record time.

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More.

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