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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nadia Ambula Raee (coconut- ambula Raita)

Cost of Preparation: 15-20 rupees
Cooking Time Required|: 10-15 mins

Ingredients: Coconut ( 1 no. ), ambulaa ( 3-4 nos ), curd/yogurt ( 1 cup ), mustard seeds ( 1 tsp ), green chilli ( 2-3 nos), curry leaves ( 2-3 nos ), cumin-chilli powder ( 1/2 tsp ), mustard paste ( 1/3 tsp ), red chillis ( 2 nos ), oil ( 1 tsp ), salt.

Preparation: Soak the ambula for 2-3 hours. Slit the green chilli into long pieces.

Grind the coconut into a fine paste . Transfer to a mixing bowl; add curd, ambula,
cumin-chilli powder, green chillis, mustard paste and salt.

Heat oil in a pan. Add the red chillis, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Pour the spluttering seeds into the mixing bowl. Mix well.

Serve with rice.


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