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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Staying Connected with the UC Browser

Image courtesy - sportskeeda.com

With cricket being elevated to the status of a religion in India, hardly anyone wants to miss out on even a single minute of the play. Who knows which sixer/four or even a single run might be recorded as an epic moment in history. And God forbid if you did not capture that match winning/losing catch that everyone is talking about. Also, the cricketing action is not even considered as action if you do not watch it live. Recordings are no fun as they do not have the nail biting suspense associated with them.

But fret no more if you have to catch that all important match that clashes with something equally important on the personal/work front. And do rack your brains as you dig up a suitable excuse for cancelling or postponing the latter. All that you would need to do is download the UC Browser on your mobile to stay connected with the game. Employing the cloud acceleration and data compression techniques, this browser actually compresses the web pages before sending to the user. In lay man terms, it directly translates into faster downloading speeds and that too at lower costs (thanks to the data compression).

With the user friendly interface of UC Cricket, one can check for the latest updates ( live scores, videos , option to read commentaries and even ball by ball updates to be specific) on UC Cricket while carrying out regular tasks like driving, checking emails, working out and a thousand other day to day activities. Even all those housebound ladies who are caught up with dropping/picking their kids, doing the cooking, supervising homework and a zillion other tasks, this is the way to remain connected to your favorite game. As the browser also supports simultaneous downloads and saves pages for offline reading, you can help answer the kids homework related queries while saving those recipes for a later read.

And it can certainly make life less painful. Whether it is that incorrigible colleague's birthday celebration, the pompous cousin's wedding, the know it all Auntyji who has been trying to marry you off since the day you turned 21 or basically anyone that you would love to avoid, leverage your UC Browser to keep the dullness out of such moments. Caught up in a dreadfully dull meeting with the boss ? Take a toilet break and spend a few moments catching up on the match updates (OK..I admit that one has to be a little discreet about it). Much awaited first date with that special someone clashes with that do or die match ? Now you can enjoy both with your UC Browser. And if he or she turns out to be cricket buff, you will have something handy to impress them with. On the other hand, it can turn out to be life saver if things go the other way.

Image courtesy - ucweb.com

Moreover, if are too busy to keep track of all the games that are being played, a situation that is inevitable during the IPL season, you can choose to set a reminder on this browser. What more can a cricket buff ask for ??

This post is written for UC Browser .

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