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Sunday, May 10, 2015

My first expert - My Mom !!

They hold your hand when you take those first few steps. They teach you how to mouth the right words. They keep trying to feed you even when you spit out those alien tasting solids. They motivate you on the first day of school. Even when you are crying out your eyes. They teach you to hold the pencil and write those first alphabets. They console you when you have had a fight with your best friend. They get up in the middle of the night to fix you a quick sandwich/drink when you are burning the midnight oil studying for those board exams. And they never forget to feed you a spoonful of curd (for good luck) when you step out of the house to write those exams. No wonder, a mother is every girl's/boy's best friend.

The list of things that mothers teach you or do for you is almost endless. However old we grow, or how much ever wise for that matter, we keep reaching out to them for advice on anything and everything related to relationships, home remedies or even what to cook for a particular meal.

And it was my mother who helped me learn cooking despite the distance ( in thousands of kilometers) between us.  Yes, I was a pampered little kid who never really learnt to cook anything beyond Maggie till the time I got a job and had to start living on my own in an alien city. It was very tough at first but my mother helped me out with advice on which utensils to buy, the ingredients to be bought, the right quantities and of course the finer details of the preparation. Looking back, I realize it would have been very difficult to survive in a new city on take-away's if I did not have her on call support 24 X 7. Not only she helped me master the art of cooking but also inspired me to start a food blog that is doing quite well. All thanks to my Mom.

Eating healthy and feeding us healthy food was always her first priority. And hence she always insisted on using the least amount of oil and spices. Needless to say, she always taught me ways to cook with less oil and gradually her guidelines became a part of my cooking process. Even today when I am a mom myself and I have difficulty feeding my son, I turn to her first instead of asking the pediatrician. Because no matter how old you grow, your mother will always remain your mother.

This post is written for Godrej Expert.

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