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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's time for new beginnings !!

Yeah we have reached that point of time where it is considered mandatory to make new resolutions. It is a different story that most of them do not even last beyond the first month of the new year. But still everyone makes them.

Funnily enough I have been working on my new year resolutions for more than six months now. Yeah, some things have been going on and on in my mind ever since the middle of the year 2014. Most of you would wonder why did I wait for so long to implement them. To be honest I am not the kind of person who would wait for the new year to start working on something new. But this time I wanted to do my homework well. Another reason has been that I have a young kid at home. And therefore I had to strike that precarious balance between my dreams and my immediate responsibilities as a wife and a mother.

Coming back to my resolution, it is a fairly simple one on the surface. Putting it in one single sentence, I would put it as "I want to become financially independent again". Sounds simple enough. I worked for more than seven years (starting from the final year of my college) before I assumed the responsibilities of a being a hands-on mother. It meant giving up my job which translated into becoming financially dependent on my husband and moving a notch down the social ladder. But sadly it meant giving up much more than I can write in a single blog post. However it is something which another person would find difficult to understand.

With my kid growing up, I am now fighting for that comeback. And I want make it on my own terms. Balancing life as a blogger and writer, I want to get back everything that I had put aside. And with a high performance tab like the Micromax Canvas P666, I can do everything from managing my sponsors,staying connected with my readers and reaching out to a greater audience. Yeah, this tab is a multi-tasker just like me.

Being a blogger, it is not just important to have great content on my blog . Taking it to the audience is equally important in this age of social networking. This tab has camera (both front and rear which can be used to share snaps directly from my kitchen  ), 1080p HD video recording (which can be used to make those short Youtube videos of my recipes) and 3G connectivity (for faster upload). In short everything to support me and my dreams.

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