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Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Lesson Well Taught ( Amazon Card Giveaway ) !!

There is a very thin line that differentiates good from great. And one comes across such great people once or maybe twice in a lifetime. However, when we do come across them, they leave an lasting impression on us. Such was the influence of Mr J, my ex-manager on me. A leader who led by example and inspired his team to attain seemingly unattainable goals, he had a way of making each one of us feel (and also perform) like a rock-star. After all, it is tough to remain untouched by such a persona, and especially when one is closely associated with the former.

Image credits : lifecreationsofficial.wordpress.com

A simple guy at heart, who loved metal and travelling when he was not busy with his coding marathons, he believed in achieving excellence in whatever he dabbled in. Yet he remained humble and down to earth inspite all the accolades that were heaped on him. Happy to bask in the reflected glory of the team's success, he taught us the delicate art of delegation and the importance of acknowledging everyone's contribution without hogging too much of the limelight. What made him stand out was the fact that he was the very embodiment of a team player and yet much more.

Keeping the communication lines open at all times to ensure transparency, build trust and keep things on track was one of his strengths as we worked on a global delivery model. Each one of the team members was given a task suitable to our skills and realistic expectations were set that just about pushed the bar a little higher each time. This ensured that everyone remained happy and motivated. He was also ready to provide hands-on support in achieving a particularly tough target.

And somewhere in the midst of all this madness, he would make time for his family. Work life balance remained his priority and he sent a clear message to the team that one needs to draw a firm line at some point. Individuals are more than just resources on a 'HR payroll' and this is a fact that needs to be respected. Driven by dedication and conviction (and of-course backed by sheer talent), he was clearly the role model for his team and for the organization in general.

Each lesson that I learnt while observing him is something that I will be utilize at any point and in any kind of setup. Whether it be a corporate setup or a rural development program, these are lessons that can be implemented anywhere as it involves people and the values that one espouses.

That's why when I read about Tata Motors association with Lionel Messi, I could not help but compare these two individuals who are "#madeofgreat" stuff. Mr J was (and remains) the ideal brand ambassador for his organization in every sense of the word just as Messi's admirable traits make him the ideal fit for Tata Motors.

Now for the most important question that can win a Rs 750 Amazon voucher for you. "What do you think of Tata Motor's association with Lionel Messi ?" Post your comments about the global icon who blends in beautifully with the values that form the DNA of Tata Motors.

The best answer will win a Amazon voucher.

This post is written for #madeofgreat campaign by Tata Motors.

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