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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Joy Comes from Real Togetherness

Take a good look around yourself. It does not take much time to realize that the lines between the real and virtual world have become blurred. We spend hours on the messenger with a friend who lives in another city or even country but ignore the friendly next door neighbor who never forgets to smile at
you. Even if our friends stay within the same city, we prefer to connect with them over a online channel. And if we do meet up once in a blue moon, most of the time is taken up by clicking selfies and updating them on social media.

The situation is no better even within the four walls of one's home. Just recall the scene at dinner time. All the family members are engrossed in their own virtual world while eating the food in a mechanical manner. One or two might take a snap and post it on a social media channel but none of them  make any effort to appreciate the mother who has cooked the meal with much love and patience. In a way, this disconnect with the real world runs deep within the close confines of a family too.

None of us seem to realize that this behavior is slowly but steadily eroding our support systems and leaving us vulnerable to ailments like depression and hypertension. It is more so with the younger generation that is yet to forge those strong bonds that are so very essential for mankind to exist as a society. Aristotle very much meant it when he said that "Man is by nature a social animal". How much ever technology advances and we become more and more self reliant, we cannot afford to be completely cut off from others. The disadvantages of being isolated are many but most striking is the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

On the other hand, being together with people can be fun. Whether it is just sharing jokes/stories or even working towards realizing a common objective, human interaction is stimulating and makes up feel upbeat. One ends up making new friends, discovering a mentor or an agony aunt and in case one is truly lucky, even a soulmate. Also, we much more stronger when we knows that there is someone to lend a shoulder during the difficult times.

Unlike the virtual world where people try to project a very different image of themselves, real world interaction are much more genuine. One finds it easy to accept people with their faults and all.
Children who grow up in an environment that fosters togetherness turn out to be happier and balanced individuals. It fosters tolerance and makes them more open to people, places and situation that are different from what they encounter in everyday life. Ultimately it is these kids who will inherit the earth and hence imbibing them with the virtues of togetherness will only help make the world and better and happier place.

This post is written for Kissan. Watch this inspiring video that illustrates the virtues of finding happiness in togetherness -

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