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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kellogg's ke sang kushi ke paal

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Ever wondered how your kid is the first one to decipher your smartphone or figure out a problem with the laptop ? Yes, the kids of today are much smarter and wired differently than most of us. A recent study reports that even one year old toddlers can use an iPad and by two years of age, they develop 'moderate ability'. This generation has the unique ability to adapt to technology as a fish takes to water. While we as parents feel quite proud about it and are eager to listen to their tech talk, we must never forget that there is much more that needs to be a part of their upbringing.

While I certainly encourage my kid to spend time with gadgets, I try and involve him in multiple activities that will also help him on the physical and spiritual front. Most kids enjoy a session of football, basketball or cricket. I, my husband and my kid even play cricket in the corridor of our apartment while taking alternate turns at batting, bowling and fielding. It bolsters physical development, improves their motor skills and is beneficial in the long run. I firmly believe that healthy habits are best inculcated when young and the distractions are fewer. I also encourage him to visit temples, listen to mythology and learn simple chants like the Gayatri Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa which encourages him to gain a healthy curiosity about religion.

Making him learn to love books, even though he prefers Kindle to paper (unlike me), is another habit that I am trying to instill in him. Nothing can stimulate our mind better than a good book. There is much that one can learn from the works of others as even the simplest of fairy tales have morals in them. We love the bond that we share when reading a story book together. While it does get a bit irritating when he starts asking a lot of questions instead to accepting everything that I read to him, I understand that it is good for him and try to answer as much as I can. And in a way, it also helps me improve my patience levels.

And last but not the least, we love sharing with him stories of our own childhood days. With so much having changed in the last two or three decades, he finds it hilarious when we mention the big boxy black and white TV sets we had. And he thinks that we were nuts to go out and buy separate cassettes for each movie when the songs can be downloaded on one's phone with a simple tap. Sometimes we end up rolling even as we share these moments.

This post is written for Kellogg's Chocos.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guptaji Here I Come

It goes without saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It supplies the body with fuel after a long night's fast and kick starts the metabolic rate. No wonder it holds the key to sustained weight loss. Another advantage of that glucose rushing through your systems is that it also boosts your mood and keeps you cheerful till lunchtime ( all thanks to the sustained blood sugar levels which is also important in keeping diabetes at bay ). After all, there is some truth in the old saying 'Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper'.

But that does not mean one can down those 'aloo parathas' with an extra helping of butter or munch on those sinful plates of 'choley-bhatura' for breakfast. It needs to be healthy mix of fruits, dairy, cereals and maybe a handful of nuts thrown in (as established by many of the studies). An easy choice would be a fruit salad/smoothie with a bowl of oats/cornflakes. With Kellogg's offering some great tasting cereals,which are further fortified with vitamins and minerals, one can never run out of healthy choices.

And if you need mo inspiration, look no further than Guptaji's family. For these guys deserve all the credit for making a cuisine out of cornflakes and oats. Whether it is those yummy cornflakes coconut laddoos that defy conventional wisdom and are the cynosure of all eyes during the kid's tiffin break or that delectable evening salad that is made even more filling with the addition of cornflakes, Mrs Gupta surely knows how to whip up some mind boggling varieties. Ask her how to make a smoothie or milkshake more interesting ? Well, throw in some cornflakes and strawberry jelly along with the regular ingredients and you have a winner at hand. Something for a fussy kid or a husband who simply refuses to grow up ? Well, mix some of the leftover chapattis with cornflakes and a generous amount of seasoning, and voila, you have a gorgeous chapatti cornflakes chivda that is sure to make a convert even out of the staunchest fan of the traditional variant. In no mood for too much of experimentation ? Then just some fruit or even fruit pulp to your regular cornflakes with milk and come up equally delicious variants like the sitaphal cornflakes, banana and strawberry cornflakes or even apple cinnamon cornflakes.

Guptaji's family wont let you down even on those special occasions. Whether it is adding that special touch at a movie get-together with some cornflakes popcorn clusters or even pampering that someone special with walnut cornflakes choco balls and a cornflakes date shake, they do have a treat up their sleeves for every occasion. Well, I am off to the Gupta household to sample some of that yummy breakfast fare and to learn a thing or two. Are you coming with me ??

This post is written for Kellogg's. Check their Youtube channel here.

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