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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fuzz-free By Choice !!

'It is always about choice', I have maintained. And going fuzz-free is a personal choice. I love the feel of my own skin and hence will continue doing it even in the face of fly-by-night trends like bushy eyebrows and fuzzy underarms. While these trendsetters want to make it seem like the 'feminist' thing, my idea of feminism is all about making my own choices. Even if it means bucking the trends.

image credits : summerbeautystudio.com         

After trying various methods of hair removal, I have discovered that 'Epilators' are the thing for me. They are handy, can be used at will and cost effective in the long run. Best part is that you no longer need to schedule a whole afternoon for a salon appointment as you can do it anytime in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Here are some reasons why I love using Epilators -

1. Addition - Smooth skin feels sensational. Once you get used to it, there is no turning back. And why not go for it when it can be achieved at the touch of a button. That too anywhere and anytime !!

image credits: walmart.com

2. No waiting period - Waiting for hair to grow back to a particular length so that it can be waxed is quite trying. Not to mention having to forgo wearing those shorts and sexy dresses during this period. God forbid if that cute guy asks you out on a date during one of those days !!

3. It lasts long - Yes. You read it right. Up to 4 weeks at a stretch. With Braun Silk-Epil 9 Skinspa ,
long lasting silky smooth skin is finally a reality.

Image credits : www.moo.review

4. NO need to step out of your home - It is easy and fuss-free ! Plus regular usage helps to lighten and lessen the hair over a period of time.

5. Helps save money - It is cheaper than the salon appointments. In fact one can buy a very good Epilator at less than the annual cost of salon visits (for hair removal only) !!

image credits: bankrate.com

6. No worry about which dress to wear - It is possible to wear those tweeny-weeny outfits everyday when you own an Epilator. And with no ugly stubs to mar those pins, you only need to wear about the temperature and not the outfit.

7. It does not hurt - Braun has a unique epilator head which allows it to be used in the shower. As the skin and hair is in a more relaxed state after a warm shower, the pain is considerably less .

image credits: walmart.com

8. It is not just for the legs - Braun epilators are multi-taskers that can be used on the hands, underarms, face and even the most sensitive bikini areas.

9. It is suited for sensitive skin - Do not worry about skin irritation even if you have the most sensitive skin. Use it after a warm shower and opt for speed 1 which is suitable for sensitive skin.

10. No ingrown hairs - Yay !! Ingrown hairs can mar the appearance of the cleanest fuzz free skin. With a super efficient Deep Exfoliation Brush, Braun Silk-Epil 9 SkinSpa2 takes care of even the most stubborn hair.

11. It is a Confidence booster - Yes. When you look good, you feel confident. And Epilators help you achieve that.

12. It is endorsed by none other than Jessica Alba - When Hollywood royalty says so, so be it.

image credits : www.gotceleb.com

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