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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Diverse Cuisines, Different Meals, One Serveware

With rocketing real estate prices it is hardly surprising that our homes are steadily becoming smaller and smaller. Less floor area often translates into lesser storage area. It is in a scenario like this that innovation comes into the picture. We are constantly on the lookout for furniture and appliances that can multitask. Such conditions also apply to the kitchenware that we use. The need of the hour is something that can directly go from the gas stove to the dining table and if need be, also into the refrigerator. Sigh not, for Borosil is here to save our valuable kitchen space and even more valuable time ( with the need to do away with washing multiple utensils ).

Here comes a serveware that works with every cuisine and every meal. Find it hard to believe my words. Well...the pictures below say it all ! Now don't they say 'A picture is worth a thousand words'.

It is breakfast time. The soft white idlis and the sambhar are invitingly displayed in the beautiful glassware. Can you resist their appeal ??

In case idlis are not your thing, how about sampling some of this glorious poha served in a deep round Borosil dish??

Even if it is a special lunch prepared for Ramzan, my Borosil serveware does not fail me. The Hyderabadi Dum biryani is displayed in its full glory using the deep rectangular dish. The glass doubles up as a 'easy-to-pour' raita jug .

Coming to the 'royal' dessert, the creamy white 'Shahi tukda' is beautifully set off by the glass walls of the deep square dish.

It is snack hour and this time it is an 'Italian' favorite. The Chifferi rigate pasta is roasted red pepper sauce looks beautiful and aesthetically appealing in the round casserole.

A regular no-fuss dinner made special with Borosil. A simple yet tasty sweet corn-green peas-mushroom pulao with yellow dal and a dry chicken curry.

Seafood lover ?? Opt for a crab stir-fry instead of the chicken !! Still looks incredibly good, doesn't it ??

Vegetarian ?? No worries.........try a veg Manchurian instead !!!

But the real star of the package seem to be the pint sized vision glasses!! They are surprisingly versatile and I have simply let my imagination run wild with them...

A simple fruit custard certainly looks sublime when presented in a glass. Not the one to be outdone, the delicious 'Tiranga' faluda with its resplendent colors makes for a vivid display !!

In the mood for some hot jalebis dipped into chilled rabdi ?? Well...try serving this classic dessert in a sexy new avatar.......good enough to tempt even the hardcore weight watchers, isn't it ??

Here I have even used one as a holder for these delicious home made chocolates...

Thank you Borosil and Indiblogger for making my food come alive !!! ( This is my entry for the Round 2 of the contest )

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