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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Diwali

May Goddess Lakshmi fill the year ahead with happiness, success and prosperity !!!

Today's special - Malai rolls, Khirkadam (from Banccharam's) and baked dahi vada 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review: Banchharam @ Marathahalli

Its been so long since I did a review. This time it is my favorite sweet shop in Bengaluru, Bancharam. Ok, so Bancharam is a Calcutta based sweet shop that has three branches in Bengaluru, the other two being Kormangala and Ulsoor.

Yes, its been there at Marathahalli for a long time and I have been visiting it regularly. But I was unaware that so few Bengaluru folks know about it. Found out last week when we served their Misthi Doi and Rasmalai to our friends.

Though on the pricier side, their items are a treat. They have the entire gamut of bengali sweets like quite a few varieties of Sandesh, Peda, Chum Chums, Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullas and Labanga Latika. And they also have that liquid Nolen Gur in stock these days. I have left out quite a few stuff for the list just gets too long.

My favorites are the Rasmalai, Rasgulla, Misti Doi and Malai Chumchum. I especially love the Rasmalai for its tiny and succulent melt-in-the-mouth rasgullas. At 50 rupees per 100 ml ( or about 5-6 balls), it is hardly cheap but every bite is worth relishing.

The Misti Doi is priced at Rs 16 /100 ml for the plastic cups and Rs 20/100 ml for the earthen cups. The rest of the sweets are roughly priced in the range of Rs 18-25 per piece.

Another must-try item is their Samosa. Priced at Rs 16/piece, it is tiny but really spicy and yummy. However, I felt that they fry it in Vanaspathi Ghee (Dalda) which gives that lovely flavor but is really bad for the heart. I havn't had it confirmed so it is just a niggling doubt. On second thoughts, a one off indulgence (and one that is so tasty) would hardly clog the poor arteries.

How about visiting this place for finding out the rest ???

Overall, I would rate the place at: 4.5/5 ( -0.5 for the price and also that they have no place to sit).
Taste - 5/5
Hygienic - 5/5
Price - 4/5

[  Bought this Misthi Doi and Rasmalai last night. See how nicely they have packed it. And check that open container at the top right corner. Its so yumm..had to dig it before taking the snaps .]

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