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Friday, August 21, 2015

Fast is Airtel 4G

Speed thrills but not necessarily kills. Yep, I am not talking about that number flashing on your bike/car speedometer but about super fast internet speed. And real speed is what you get with Airtel 4G !! Not convinced with the claims ? Still skeptical about what difference an extra G could make ?Then take the Airtel 4G challenge ! If your network turns out to be faster, then you will be rewarded with free lifetime mobile bills. And if you lose ? Well , you have nothing to lose as you can always switch to a faster internet network (aka Airtel).

Not only has Airtel become the first telecom operator to free us from the shackles of slow internet speed by introducing 4G, it has also made 4G available at affordable rates, namely, at the price of 3G data packs. That will put to rest any concerns that the 4G plan might just throw the monthly budget off balance. Changing to a new SIM is also quite easy. Just tweet #GetAirtel4G and the free SIM gets delivered at your doorstep. Just a small rider. This works only if you already have an Airtel connection . For others, a few necessary documents also need to be submitted while applying for the 4G SIM card. With the services already rolled out in 296 cities and many more in the pipeline, make sure you get onto the bandwagon before everyone else does. Once in a while, it feels good to get some exclusive bragging rights. Don't you think so ?

But make sure that you do have a phone that is 4G compatible. If not, browse through the new Airtel site for a list of phones that works with 4G.

Just imagine the endless possibilities when one has access to lightening fast internet speed. Smooth movie downloads (without all that time spent in buffering), finding a restaurant in seconds, checking out its reviews in another few (this is equally important if you do not want to end up with a bad taste in your mouth or a hole in your pocket) and beating friends hands down when it comes to finding any answer ( Google Baba ki jai ho ) ! It also means freedom from staying awake at ungodly hours and praying that everyone else is fast asleep so that you can download that latest bollywood/hollywood blockbuster in peace. And bidding goodbye to those frustrating transactions failures that happen due to a slow internet.

They say a habit good only till one is able to kick it. So, get rid of the bad habit of chronically slowly internet connection and experience true freedom. Test the limits of your multi tasking capabilities and explore endless possibilities with the thrilling speed of Airtel 4G. Download multiple files simultaneously and carry on a video chat without any interruptions. Experience a real time chat that actually feels like that is happening in real time.

This post is written for Airtel .

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Game for 4G ??

We bloggers are always trending. That is what I am told wherever I go. Not only are we up to date with latest trends, but we also drive them and set new ones. So, when Airtel launched their 4G network, I just had to get it. It really helps that I already have a device that is 4G compatible ( I actually looked for 4G compatibility when I last upgraded my phone which I do pretty regularly).

And how does it work ?? Just visit www.airtel.in/4G and login with your phone number (Airtel ones only). It identifies if your phone supports 4G and then you can go ahead and register for a free 4G SIM which gets delivered at your doorstep free of cost. Simple, isn't it ?? But don't get disheartened if your phone fails to make the cut. You can buy a 4G compatible device from the Airtel website at prices starting from as low as Rs 5999. Even if you have no plans to buy a phone, do check the new website which is pretty awesome.

Worried about the price of 4G pinching your pockets ? Naah !! It comes at the same price as the 3G data pack that you are currently using. With plans starting at Rs 999 per month, pick one from the website itself depending on your requirements. They even have a 4G Home WiFi for folks who prefer to log in from home (this is especially handy for folks who prefer to work from home during the monsoons as opposed to braving the traffic snarls). Sounds wow ? Check out this amazing TVC -

Now that is something. Cannot wait to try out the awesome speed....I wish they could deliver the 4G SIM at the speed that is shown in this TVC ! I am looking forward to a tweet fest with my friends (the poor souls are still on 3G) once I am on. It will be fun to watch their stupendous expressions when they experience the sheer force of 4G speed.

Ready to be blown away ?? Check it out on Airtel !!

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