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Monday, July 6, 2015

Unleash the Monsoon Magic !!!

It has been sometime since I did a style post. Maybe nothing interesting crossed my path or maybe I was just being lazy. But the magic of the monsoons has brought in some inspiration with it. Or it could be just the primal avatar of nature which has unleashed something inside me. Well, I have this sudden urge to go out in the rain and feel the fury of those falling droplets. Some poets may describe it as a caress but that is just a matter of perception.

And the first thing that I have to take care of is my outfit so that I do not end up looking like something that had been swallowed and then spitted out by a storm drain. Yeah, it is the age of selfies and one cannot risk being captured in a downy attire. So, even if you have to get drenched, do it in style. However, it is time to stop looking at our Bollywood beauties and their rain drenched song sequences for inspiration because it is no fun being bogged down with a six yard long piece of wet fabric.

Bright colors. Short hemlines. Fabrics that dry easily. Waterproof and minimal makeup. A bright umbrella/raincoat. Sturdy gum boots if you have to slosh your way through dirty water. A pair of good old flip flops for other times. A rainproof bag that can also accommodate a change of clothing. That's the checklist to go for.

Personally, I do not consider my monsoon itinerary complete unless I have paid a visit to the beach during the rains. The roiling sea, the wet sands, the water reaching out in both direction to touch each other, something about the meeting of the forces of nature has that irresistible quality that draws me to the sea. I always prefer fuss free clothing that is also an extension of my maverick self. So that is what I picked up to make a style statement even as I take a stroll down the beach. And believe me, I picked up all of it within an hour from the comfort of my living room. Yes, it is Limeroad.com that helps me put together an awesome look even without venturing out of my home. So, girls say bye-bye to hunting though the malls/streets looking for that elusive pair of shoes / bag / statement neck-piece to go with your dress.

Buy this look at Limeroad.com.

The clothes are breezy and flowing while the colorful bracelet adds a touch of craziness. The funky rubber flipflops complement the chilled out attire. A functional backpack for all that extra stuff and I am good to go.

Do let me know your comments. ( Now that you know where to find some magic when you need it !! Happy shopping !!)

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