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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inspirational Talks for the Litterbugs Amongst Us

Remember those days. One came back from school, threw the school bag in one corner, the shoes would be sent flying in different directions with one landing on the TV stand while the other lodged itself underneath the sofa. And the socks ? Must have shoved them under the carpet or under some cushion or maybe into the flower vase. The same story was repeated with the toys which wound up in each nook and corner of the house once one was done playing with them.

However, everything was back in order the next day even though one did not have to lift as much as a finger. Before one attributes this miracle to the higher powers, I, the Great Indian Litterbug must give due credit to the one superpower that I possess, the Great Indian Mother ( Now don't they keep quoting "Mere pass Maa hai" which translates into ' I have my Mother' in those Bollywood blockbusters ). Programmed to clean up every mess and if required, even own up to the messy act in the first place, she makes sure that I can get ahead in life without having to shoulder any responsibility.

Whether is it threatening the parents of my classmate (who nose I incidentally broke), fighting with my geography teacher for extra marks ( I did mark the capital of Namibia on the map...just that it was a centimeter off), rebuffing my numerous girlfriends (who had anyways got too clingy for comfort) and even heckling my wife (and her parents), she has the multitasking abilities that can put even a Lumia/Galaxy/iPhone 6 to shame.

Secure in this knowledge, I step out of the house into the outside world. I can happily continue with my ways while someone else takes care of setting things right. 'What if it is beyond the reach of her powers?',  some skeptical folks may question. Worry not, for the mother of all mothers, our very own Mother India aka 'Bharat Mata' is there to take care of matters through her appointed servants (I do pay tax, don't I ?). These are the people who pick up the wrappers, bottles, cans, etc from the streets/parks after I am done with the obligatory duty of feeding myself. They even clean up the beautiful red graffiti that I have put on the walls with my paan-staking effort (nobody appreciates art these days, do they ?). If you happen to remain skeptical, let me inform you that they are even running a campaign called the 'Swacch Bharat' to clean up after me (and the millions of others like me). But what I cannot understand is why they chose someone like Amitabh Ji to be the face of the campaign. Wouldn't it have been better if they had appointed his wife instead ? After all, cleaning up after her son is part of the legacy that a mother-in-law passes on to her daughter-in-law.

This post is written for The Great Indian Litterbug, which is an initiative by The Times of India and is brought to us by IndiChange.

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