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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Say Yes to New Beginnings !!!

The first time is always special and is etched forever in one's memory. Be it that first best friend, boy friend/girl friend, or even that first job, there are always special feelings attached to the first time one tried sometime new. And buying that first house is something that elicits that uber special emotion in each one of us.

Right from the first year of our marriage, me and my husband have lived in a number of rented accommodations. Each house felt a little strange at first but then we started getting used to it. However, before we could develop that sense of belonging, we had to change the flat for some reason or the other. Every time it was a new set of neighbours, and I really missed the old ones. The feeling is something akin to changing schools and getting a new set of friends each year. It hardly allows any time for making a lasting relationship. But as we planned our first baby, we knew that we should do something about it and that our child deserved a place that he/she could call his/her own.

We needed a place that was near to my office ( my husband agreed to do the travelling part ) and also had good schools nearby. Plus a supermarket, a hospital and a park too. Another important requirement was a gym (both of us being health freaks) and a play area within the premises. But there was the concern of being able to pay the EMIs and managing the family finances as well. I assured my husband that we would manage with careful planning and cutting down on needless expenses.

It took us time to narrow down the options available to us but finally we were able to zero in one a property that was hardly a 10 mins walk from my office. Though small, it was something that I had always desired. Open on three sides, it offered very good ventilation. It had those large windows facing the east which flooded the house with sunlight and a small balcony which I could transform into my herb garden. Every tiny detail was well planned and it was every bit the kid friendly house that we had envisioned. I set my heart on it the very first time I saw it. 

But it was barely furnished and that looked like a problem. We had been living in furnished houses and this one seemed rather inconvenient. After managing the initial down payment, we did not have that much spare money to do it up. However things sorted out once we had a proper chat with our parents. With a kid on the way, they advised us to postpone buying stuff that was anything but essential. They assured us that kids enjoy open spaces more than furniture that bars their free movement. This argument seemed convincing and within a month we moved into the new house.

I revived my old hobby and turned the balcony into a kitchen garden of sorts. And both of us got up early in the morning to tend to it before doing a few rounds on the jogging track that surrounded the apartment. With no fridge at our disposal, we start cooking fresh meals everyday. Though it was tiresome, it felt good and we could spend some special moments together. Slowly we saved some money and bought the household goods over a span of three years. In the meanwhile our kid was born and I used the maternity leave period to strike up a special friendship with some of our neighbours. And today when we look at our young one surrounded by his friends, we are proud of our decision.

This post is written for Housing.com.

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