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Monday, November 23, 2015

A Mommy's guide to Baby Skincare !

"Smooth as a baby's bottom". Most of us have heard this repeated many a times. But not all are aware of what it takes to keep it as such. Baby skin is very sensitive and delicate. It demands frequent hydration and yet too much of moisture can cause it to get irritated. Hence one needs to strike a comfortable balance to keep it at its softest best. Cleanliness is another important factor that needs to be taken care of but remember 'less is more' when using skincare products.

Image : naturalchildworld.com

Here are a few tips from a mommy's diary -

1. Bathing time - Babies are not pets and hence one does not need to spend hours to get them all squeaky clean. Too much water can actually dry out the baby's skin and so can a soap/shampoo meant for adults. Use a very gentle pH balanced cleanser for baby and never ever rub the delicate skin.

Apply baby lotion on still wet skin right after the bath and pat it dry. Dust all over with a gentle baby powder or even corn flour ( use only organic and 100 % pure ) to absorb excess moisture.

2. Clothe them right - Smooth and breathable cotton fabrics are best for the baby. But make sure that you wash and disinfect them before use. Baby clothes need to be washed separately from that of other family members and preferably using a fragrance free liquid detergent.

3. Diapers - It is the wetness from a soiled diaper that is the most frequent cause of distress to a baby. Diapers need to be of a good quality, have great absorbency and elasticity while retaining a feather soft feel that does not irritate baby skin. Gel based diapers with added features like a inner lining of baby lotion with aloe vera are the best choice.

When changing a diaper, it is best to clean the area with water and a gentle soap. Sometimes, the perfume or other additives in wipes can irritate the skin, so going natural is best. Allow for natural drying instead of rubbing the tender skin with a towel. Finally apply a layer of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly and put on a fresh diaper.

Image : makeitbliss.com

4. Say 'No' to strong scents - Babies smell great even by themselves. And scented products can actually irritate skin or aggravate dryness. Some of these products could also cause respiratory distress to the baby hence it is best to stay away from such products until the baby is about two years old.

This is especially important to follow if the parents have a history of skin diseases, allergy or asthma.

5. Sun protection - Babies love going out and exploring the world. The social stimulus actually helps to develop their brains. Once your baby takes to his knees it is good to expose him to the outer world but without exposing his skin to the harmful UV rays.

Baby sunscreens should come recommended by the pediatrician. But even when using a broad spectrum sunscreen, it is best to keep the baby out of the sun from 11 am to 3 pm.

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