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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Product Review : Nutrus Green Coffee

Last week, I received a sample of Nutrus Green Coffee for a review. Needless to say, I was quite intrigued by the product which claims to be India's first Green Coffee with probiotics . Since 'probiotics' refers to live bacteria/yeast that are ingested for their beneficial properties, it can be described as some kind of a health drink. The product claims to help you lose weight but not over night. Sounds quite sensible, doesn't it ??

Here is what I have to say about the product -

It has a nice flavor which is milder than the instant coffee I usually drink. Since we are not supposed to add sugar to it, it is definitely lower in calories. And it is refreshing too ! Most importantly, it tastes good and in fact, is much better than 'Green Tea' which inevitably has a bitter note.

Pros of the product - 

1. It is easy to prepare. Take a cup of hot water and stir in the contents of the sachet. Cant get any easier.

2. Taste is a definite plus unless you happen to be an Expresso addict.

3. Claims to help in reducing weight (have been taking it for 1 week only so cannot vouch for it)

4. Rich in antioxidants.

5. Modulates Glucose and Fat metabolism.

Cons of the product -

1. It is on the expensive side. Costs Rs 225 for 20 single-use sachets.

2. Availability is an issue as of now. Can buy online at an extra cost (delivery charges).

Final verdict - I love the taste of this product and hence I don't mind giving up my regular tea/coffee for it. As for the weight loss claims, I would like to try it for a few more days before giving the final verdict. Since I already lead an active lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy meals, I will not be making any drastic changes in my routine apart from swapping by morning and evening tea with Nutrus Green Coffee . Will update this post after a month.

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