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Friday, June 3, 2016

Redi-(steady)-GO !!

Buying a car is an emotional decision. Especially when it is one's first car. So, when I sought out to buy one of my own, I had a checklist is mind. Having saved up enough to graduate to a four wheel drive, I think I am well within my rights to ask to the sky. And guess what turned out to a best fit for my requirements ?

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Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. Yes, it's the Datsun Redi-GO which promises everything that I have in mind and even some extras. The compact design, high ground clearance and of course the great price point have me hooked. And it does not really hurt when it comes with a large 222-litre boot which is quite useful to stack up those numerous shopping bags on a trip to the mall.

Having seen my husband struggling with tight parking spaces in most malls, compact design was the first thing on my list. The super light and responsive steering also comes to one's advantage when zipping in and out of those narrow spaces. And the tight turning radius makes maneuvering a dream. Ground clearance came as close second on the checklist as I happen to live in Bengaluru where most of the roads are really bad. Potholes with sharp stones jutting out from them is a scary but common feature here. So is faulty design of the speed-breakers which once caused major damage to the undercarriage of a friend's car. Safety was one of the reasons that prompted me to upgrade from my two-wheeler. 

The price point was the ultimate clincher as we were looking for a second car, one that can primarily be used to run errands. Dropping and picking up the kid from school and the numerous activity classes was turning out to be headache thanks to the bad state of the roads, the crazy traffic and the high levels of pollution. Partly relying on auto-rickshaws and public transport is quite expensive and time consuming. So, getting a car was the obvious choice.  And with a spacious car like the Redi-GO on my hands, I can easily pool in 3-4 kids from our apartment. That would make life a lot easier for moms like me as we can take turns to pick up and drop the kids. 

Obviously, with a car like this one, I would love to take it for a spin on the picturesque Bangalore-Mysore highway. In fact, it is a great fit for our weekend getaways to Mysore, Ooty, Conoor and Coorg. But at the same time, I would like put it through a thorough stress test by driving it on Bengaluru roads during peak traffic time. 

For a relative beginner like me, this is surely the car of choice. The light controls, compact shape, decent leg space and great visibility (thanks to the windscreen and window designs ) make it easy to drive around the town in relative comfort. Plus, it can squeeze into the narrowest of parking spaces which just sweetens the overall deal.

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