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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Good Morning Mantra !!

Mornings are indeed the best time of the day. It could be just about the freshness of the moment or the feeling of starting on a new page, the first hour of the day definitely has that magical feel to it. I love to wake up early in the mornings (well before everybody else in the house) to savor some 'my time'. Listening to the silent voices of the house and the noisy chirping of the birds while watching people taking their dogs on a morning walk and sipping on some detox drink ( usually it is warm water infused with lemon and honey) may sound non-productive to some but it helps me plan for the day and put things in proper perspective. Indeed it is the most productive time of the day for me as it is hour when I set the goals for the day. And as Aristotle once quoted "Well begun is half done".

The introspection part done, next comes the time for some action. Given the desk bound jobs that most of us lead, regular workout is very much essential to keep one's body in top gear. Stretching out my limbs with yoga ensures flexibility and assurance that I won't be turning senile in old age (though some of my acquaintances might retort that I am already cranky enough). I usually follow it up with half an hour of cardio which helps burn fat. While I try my best to ensure that I am regular with the morning exercise routine, there are days when I just let go. This usually happens when I have a particularly good book on the hands ( or on my Kindle ). That nicely gels with my philosophy of exercise for the grey cells being equally important !

All that good work is that rounded up with a wonderfully healthy and filling breakfast. I have made it into a habit of having my breakfast within two hours of waking up. A mix of fruits, protein, carbs and dairy ensures steady blood glucose levels and lasting energy till the next meal. Breakfast is one of the most important meals as it replenishes the body's energy levels about a gap of almost 9-10 hours. So, skipping it is never an option.

A combination of these little things had been my morning mantra for the last decade. And I had been quite happy with it before I discovered the Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold. I had been pretty happy with my old and trusted Colgate 360 degrees brush but that was before I stumbled upon the gold standards of oral hygiene. Though it is a mere toothbrush, it is pure luxury to behold and cleans the mouth in the most thorough way that can possibly be.

Kudos to Colgate for raising the bar yet again !! I have rediscovered my mornings with #Colgate360GoldMornings . Now it's your turn !

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  1. As always reading your blog posts makes me happy. Keep writing my friend!


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