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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Product Review: Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Outdoor Gloves

The resolution to minimize eating outside food inevitably means more toiling in the kitchen. And that guarantees a lot more exposure with water and cleaning agents. Which is not only painful but also leads to increased dryness in the hands during the cold winter months. Even when one is not cooking, most stay at home ladies keep doing random tasks like cleaning / dusting which leads to painful cracks on the hands and even inflammations at times.

Hence the need to buy and use this wonder product from Scotch-Brite. Now quite a few of us would already be using their scrubbers to remove food particles that remain sticking to the cooking vessels. So, when I found this reasonably priced pair of gloves at a departmental store, I picked them up without second thoughts. Please note that I have already tried their 'Kitchen Glove' which is priced lower at Rs 75. And I can tell you that the 'Heavy Duty' version is by far the superior choice.

This is why you should buy the Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Outdoor Gloves -

1. They are smooth, flexible and come with a fresh lemon scent in an attractive pink colour.

2. They protect your hands from cold water and chemicals which tend to dry out the skin .

3. They come in two sizes and there is a useful size guide at the backside of the packet to help you choose the correct one.

4. The 'Heavy Duty' version has a much better grip than the 'Kitchen one'. I can use it to wash by delicate crockery and even chop vegetables (though fine chopping is somewhat hindered).

5. No maintenance. Just wash the outside surface and line dry.

6. Fold and put it back in the cover if not using for a few days.

The only cons -

1. They last just about 2 months with heavy use. And one has to be extra careful while cleaning sharp objects with it.

2. Th lemon scent might be irritating for some folks.

3. They stain easily .

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