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Thursday, December 17, 2015

There is more to an Hug than meets the Eye !!

Remember that hug that your best friends gave you when the board results were out and all of you had passed with flying colors. Or the huddle into which you guys went when one of you landed plum job on the first day of placement season. Whatever the occasion, to 'Share a hug' was a way of making it even more special. And the bond of friendship stronger than ever before.

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On the other hand, visualize a time when you were heartbroken. When the cute hunk/girl had turned down your proposal and broken your heart, it was a hug from a close friend that kept you from going into pieces. Or when your grades had not met your expectations and your parent had held you in their arms and explained that it is not the end of the world. During those stressful times, the hugs had acted as a miracle cure and made one feel better.

That is the best thing about hugs. It makes one feel warm and loved irrespective of one's mental state. The feeling is akin to a fuzz that envelopes one's brain and cushions it from all the evils that surround us. But wait before you discard the theory as a figment of imagination. Studies have found that this simple act results in the release of a hormone, Oxytocin,which makes us feel loved and makes us more social. Now that you the secret behind it, make it a habit to greet your friends with a hug instead of wishing them with a plain 'hello'.

But that is not just all. Hugs have a way of relieving stress by lowering blood pressure and alleviating our fears. No wonder soccer player and cricket players love going into a huddle every now and then. It helps them beat stress before and during an important match. Make it a point to hug a friend who is feeling particularly stressed out and help him beat the blues. After all, that is what friends are for.

Unlike other relationships which come with their share of expectations, friends are the people who make you feel good irrespective of what you are. One maybe a super achiever or a guy next door, it does not matter as long as one is with friends. While we do not have the option of choosing our family, we are fortunate to have the freedom of choice when it comes to picking our friends. Hence it is important to keep our friends close to our heart. And what better way of doing it than to 'Share a hug' !! But even as the clock races closer to midnight and it is time to pop the bubbly, do not forget to celebrate responsibly.

Disclaimer - This blog is meant for people above 25 years of age.

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