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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Anar - The latest variant from Paper Boat Drinks (Product Review)

Just before Diwali, a parcel arrived one afternoon. As I eagerly unwrapped it, a cute pink box stared back at me. Now I don't have to go on and on about the connection between the female of the species and the color called pink. A smile had already lit up my face even without having a peek at the contents. A package from Paper Boat has that uncanny knack of unleashing a deluge of memories.

I could have continued in that idyllic state of mind for hours had it not been my hyper kid who wanted to have a go at the contents. "Open Mama, open the box". As I lifted the lid, two pouches embossed with the familiar paper boat logo and a yet unfamiliar image stared back at me. "Anar". I said it aloud only to have my son scurrying into the kitchen for his favorite tumbler. And he was back in a fraction of a second with another request. "Open, I drink juice". Now I have been drinking this brand for the last three years and that confidence led me to pour out a glass for him even without going though the ingredient list. Yay. They are all natural and filled with goodness.

The kid had finished one pouch even before I could click some decent pics. But I have no complaints since he loved it so much. I would blindly trade the colas that he dotes on for a eco-friendly pouch of all natural goodness.

Coming back to the pink box. It also contained 'besan ka laddoo', a cutey fridge magnet, a couple of picture postcards and a personalized note. Even more cuteness packed into an cute box which is already gracing my dresser as a handy container for all the junk jewelry that I adore. Thank you Paper Boat Drinks. It was one of the best Diwali gifts I got.

Verdict on the 'Anar' variant -

Yaay's -
1. Low on sugar ( just 4.5 g/100ml)
2. Fruit flavour which will be a big hit with kids.
3. Low on calories ( 47.2 kcal/100 mL)
4. No preservatives
5. No added colors
6. All natural ingredients (as listed on package) - water, pomegranate juice concentrate, sugar, iodized salt, spices and condiments, and black salt.
7. Priced at Rupees 35/250 ml.
8. Gluten free.

Naay's -


Rating - I would rate it a 4.75/5 based on taste/calorie content/pricing and health perspective.

[ Though product samples sent by the company, my opinion is unbiased and strictly personal.]

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