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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Empowering a Smarter India !!

If I had to explain the way smartphone technology has changed India, I would put it as 'it has done away with the digital divide', a fact endorsed by a majority of the rapidly growing e-commerce companies. While more than 50 percent of their business comes from the tier II and tier III cities, e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon reportedly state that this segment is their the fastest growing customer base. As a blogger, I have noticed a huge change in the geographical distribution of my audience over the last seven years. While most of the blog traffic was from laptops and mobiles formed only a minuscule segment around 2010, now the lion's share of my blog traffic comes from handheld devices like smartphones.  Does want any more proof ?

Image : ecampusnews.com

With more and more people in the smaller cities/towns getting access to cheaper smartphones powered by Android, the league of people who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes is swelling dramatically. But it is not just the online shopping which has revolutionized the lives of these people. Many an enterprising youngsters are honing their skills by enrolling in the online education programs. And as I found out recently, a particularly talented young lady along with a handful of good tailors has set up her own boutique and does a fantastic job of replicating Bollywood styles even as the first images are uploaded to cyberspace or the trailers are released on YouTube. Apart from ensuring a good income for herself an her motley team, she helps the young girls around her stay fashionable without spending a bomb. Thanks to entrepreneurs like her, many a Kavyas do not have to rush to Delhi to buy that exclusive wedding lehenga. If case you are confused, I am referring to this Bollywood movie with Alia Bhatt as the female lead who goes to Delhi to make some moolah for buying a Kareena Kapoor lehenga.

With octacore processors making for longer battery life, people living in the smaller towns and villages will find it convenient to surf uninterrupted for longer duration. It is also a blessing for people who commute to work or study. This time can be well utilized in catching up on work related stuff or learning some new topics. And with the availability of 4G, downloads are quick and, video chats and conferences can be carried out over real time. The boom in the number of startups, most of which are app-driven is proof enough that the younger generation is hooked on to smartphones and is out to make the most out of it.

Knowledge is empowering. And smartphones are the way to go as the youth of the nation has aptly demonstrated.

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