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Friday, October 2, 2015

Stay Heart-Safe with #ProtectHerHeart

On my last trip to my native, I met a middle aged lady. Her kids were grown up and had cushy jobs while her husband who occupied an important position was a few years from retirement. But she looked lost and kept lamenting that she has spent all these years doing nothing, that is for herself.
Another very common example of a woman who had placed family above individual success. With a brilliant academic record, a prestigious post graduation degree and a talent for dance and music, she could have gone places. With family live being one vicious unending cycle, she had not noticed the years slipping away and when realization finally hit her, it was too late. No wonder she has elevated blood pressure levels and constant migraines.

I quoted this story for a reason. Happiness plays a very important role in keeping our heart healthy. Ofcourse, healthy diet and regular exercise are a must but the effect of endorphins on overall physical and mental health is substantial. And to make that special someone happy, we need to give them a little something extra that goes beyond the realm of the family domain.

Support her interests whether it be dance, singing, designing, painting or any other hobby that keeps her interests alive and brings on a sense of achievement. Share the responsibilities at home or look after the kids for a few hours so that she can utilize this time for pursuing her interests. Or surprise her by cooking a healthy meal all by yourself.

Taking a vacation together is a great idea if your partner loves to see places and meet new people. And also, it is a great way to de-stress as stress happens to be one of the biggest enemies of one's heart. Getting a good laugh is also important for promoting heart health so make sure you stock up on some good comedy movies.

However, there can be no substitute for physical activity as it is a very important factor in maintaining ideal weight. Encourage her to run a marathon or undertake regular treks if she enjoys sports. Set milestones that you can achieve together or make it even more fun by trying to outdo each other.

If running or jogging or even going to the gym are too boring for you two, then try to join some dance classes together, salsa or zumba for example. That helps in burning the calories as well as keeping one's joints flexible. Swimming is also another option that one can explore.

Introduce her to newer and healthier cooking methods like grilling, roasting, steaming or even microwave cooking. Appreciate her cooking even if the salt seems to be a little less (one gets used to it in a few days as the taste buds adapt themselves) or the dish is prepared with only a few drops of oil. Replace your regular tea with green tea and opt for a cooking oil which is high on MUFA, omega 3 fatty acids, Oryzanol and free from trans-fat. Substitute those dosas, parathas, puris and even upma for breakfast with healthier options like idli, oats or even daliya (cracked wheat).

Most importantly, appreciate her and motivate her at regular intervals. Make her life worth living for and in turn, she will be encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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