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Saturday, October 24, 2015

MCcain ki Smile(y) wali Recipe

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. And being married into a 'totally' foodie family, food is my weapon of choice when I want to set things straight. So whether it is spending hours cooking that delectable biryani or the Dal Makhni just the way it is supposed to be done, or experimenting with quick fix microwave recipes, a good portion of my day is spent romancing food. And I have come to the conclusion that along with the great taste, a little something extra is what brings on the smiles on my family's face.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and the my family enjoys a hearty version of it with quite a few variety of dishes on the table. While my inlaws dote on Mcain Masala dosa, a yummy version of the traditional dosa, Replacing the alu masala with a few Mcain smileys tossed up with grated veggies, hung curd and some chatpata chutney, it saves time for me and is more healthy than the regular one.

Ditto for the kid, who loves his vegetable sandwich. A simple hung curd dressing with crisp veggies and the added crunch of a few crunchy smileys is enough to light up his face with a beautiful smile. I am hardly surprised that my husband ends up fighting with him over the sandwiches.

My husband being one for burgers, a make him a quick one with the delicious Mcain  vegetable patty being at my disposal whatever the time of the day. Chopping a few onions and tomatoes and assembling the burger with a cheese slice, chopped veggies, a fried patty and a dash of mustard sauce take up hardly 5 mins. That keeps him happy and even I am reassured that my family gets to eat sufficient veggies and proteins .

While they may have their differences in terms of foodie fixes during the meal times, my family is unequivocal about the snack of choice when a favorite movie is playing on the screen. It has got to be the Mcain French fries, Made from the freshest potatoes, it is just so crisp on the outside and wonderfully light and fluffy on the inside. I just need to ensure that I buy an extra large packet if a cricket match or a nice movie is going to be telecast and my life is all set. The steady supply of snacks ensures another steady supply of smiles. Never mind even if India is losing the match.

But Mcain turns out to be the biggest rockstar when my MIL's friends or even my friends come to visit our house. I end up making my favorite Aloo Tikki Chaat with the delicious Mcain Aloo Tikki on popular demand almost every time. And the ladies can never have enough of it.

Another favorite of mine is the Smileys served with an avocado-chocolate-chili dip that happens to be a hit with my gang of girls.

Thanks to MCcain I now have a recipe that can bring on the smiles at any occasion !! Have you discovered your smile(y) recipe yet ?

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